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Camping Water

Well how shit am I at keeping this blog thing going? I would be terrible at gardening, oh wait, I AM terrible at gardening, go figure…. 1,117 more words

Profitable Retardation of the Autistic ? Learning 'Difficulty' conflated to 'Disability'.

Autism, despite its  vague, non pathological definition.

And, dodgy, uncontested, ever earlier, diagnoses.

Is the UK’s most costly medical condition.


Why ?

Because, autism, can, and is, being made, the ultimate cash cow. 800 more words

Retardation Break Room

Words evolve over time. From the moment a word is conceptualized, it’s defined. Yet definitions change over time through every day application.

Knowing what we know now. 55 more words


Two Weeks Notice

Today, I went to work expecting a boring day. Instead, I got a really depressing day. I work as a barista for those of you who don’t know. 536 more words

Internet retardation - "Good Guys Always Lose"

Is it possible that there would be a person on Earth who is capable of shaming and belittling anybody just for the sole reason of… 2,243 more words


Internet Retardation - What's "Marking as Spam"?

This lovely evening I was surprised to see that I had received an email, and I say “surprised” considering this is 2015. 699 more words