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Standing Outside the Fire

I’m going back, once again, and reiterating the fact that hormones since pregnancy 10+ years ago has turned me into a complete softy. I can cry at the drop of a hat over a 30 second Facebook video of a cat. 1,071 more words


Internet retardation - What's "marking as spam"?

So, this lovely evening I was surprised to see that I had received an email, and I say “surprised” considering this is 2015.

First thing I noticed about this wonderful email, is that I have absolutely no idea who the fuck wrote it. 680 more words


Internet retardation - Generalizing

There’s being close-minded and then there’s being like these assholes. Their visions of the world are so blind, simplistic and out of touch with reality it makes you wonder how even their own parents could stand them. 524 more words


Internet retardation - "We all live in the same country"

There is this weird habit people from “big” countries have, and that is to assume that everybody lives in the same country as them; therefore they’ve got to know it like the palm of their hand.  323 more words


Internet retardation - Date someone who X

Are they joking? Are they seriously that delusional? The world might never know, but what it does now is that somehow, all over the web, there are certain geniuses saying things like: “Oh, date a girl that does this!”, “Oh, you should date a guy that does that!”, as if dating was just walking into a toy shop and picking whatever model they want.


Internet retardation - Privacy complaints

Irony, ignorance, but most importantly; hypocrisy reeks out of these “Privacy is dead, everyone take cover” idiots. There are 2 main forms of “privacy violation” on the internet, the first being on Google, it’s basically just other people having access to your browsing history. 395 more words


Disabilities are a Crime?

A few days ago I was watching a local talk show program that comes before the news ,the topic was about people with disabilities being abused , I felt like my heart was breaking and then they showed a video of high schoolers abusing a teenager who had special needs ,in a way that made me ashamed of my generation. 358 more words