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Disabilities are a Crime?

A few days ago I was watching a local talk show program that comes before the news ,the topic was about people with disabilities being abused , I felt like my heart was breaking and then they showed a video of high schoolers abusing a teenager who had special needs ,in a way that made me ashamed of my generation. 358 more words

Gibbon's Laws the Third: On our failure to govern ourselves...

You can tell the character of a nation by it’s preference in leaders.

Remember President Clinton?  The US Economy surged with him as the helmsman, … 227 more words


The Consequences of Doing the "Right Thing"

I pretty much screwed myself by reporting misconduct at the group home I work for. Long story short, the confidentiality that should have been upheld when I made the report was immediately dissolved within 10 minutes of reporting possible verbal abuse to one of our profoundly retarded clients (being new I was going off of memory what the definition of verbal abuse was and reporting because A. 513 more words

Tito Sotto's Autism Strikes Again

Hey faggots, this is me Your Lord and Sabre, Susej Crust and it seems that the Internet is full of retards lately, from the comment sections of the pages like TANGINA THIS or our favourite resident retard Marcelo Santos III who somehow manage to sell millions of those so called “books” used as toilet paper by J.K Rowling or George RR Martin. 787 more words

George RR Martin

Waiting Too Much is Retarded

I’ll be blunt and staright from the get-go.

I will not mince words about this one.

It is nice to wait a bit, to sit back and assess the situation, but to wait too much without doing something means that one is acting passively, and hell, acting passive is not worth a lot of people’s time in this cutting-edge world. 101 more words


Why is first cousin marriage still legal in the UK?

First cousin marriage leads to horrific birth defects and high infant mortality. So why is it still legal in the UK? The facts are clear – … 316 more words


Onward & Upward

It’s hilarious what kinds of things people will say to you to make you feel better when something goes awry in your dating life. Below is a compiled lists of words of wisdom (in no particular order of awesomeness). 70 more words

Love, Life And The Pursuit Of Happiness