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Is it Wrong to Say the Word Retarded?

The word retarded is ingrained in my non-professional vocabulary. In fact, when I say retarded, I don’t really think of people who are actually slow.  I find it awkward to call someone who is slow retarded( it’s just a personal thing). 272 more words

What Do You Think

Reverend Meningsbee (Part 48) Damaged ... April 2nd, 2017

 Jonathots Daily Blog


Meningsbee didn’t recognize the name. Carl had left a note: “Please call Cam Collier.”

Then there were three or four different numbers. 1,637 more words

Reverend Meningsbee


One of my biggest complaints about this life is the negative connotation around the word ‘retarded.’ People always look at you and tell you how it’s not politically correct and how it’s not nice. 47 more words

The R Word - AGAIN

Catching up and sharing from the files of my ramblings. This particular set is from
April 26, 2016.


“There’s a bunch of RETARDS running times today!” 353 more words

Feeling Retarded

Feeling retarded after what you said

Tirelessly imagine perspectives

How did so and so interpret my gaffe?

Maybe it was viewed as a joke – for laughs… 83 more words


How powerful should a certain word be?

Words.  Words are the reason I’m here blogging.  Words matter, words have power.

Coming up on March 1 is a day dedicated to ending the use of one word.   613 more words

Special Needs Parenting

Art imitates life ? or weirdo film fans

Room 237  (imdb:tt2085910) is a look at the shining a Stanely Kilbrick film which divides opinion although i find horror films generally flawed (my blog). 187 more words

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