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Tyler Schwab: the immobile fighter

Throughout his life, he’s been using a wheelchair to move around.

But Tyler Schwab has also always been strong. He had since been a part of a close-knit group of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Horizon Middle School. 226 more words

Loony Liberal Ideology, The "Right" To Vandalize


Do they even have a useful purpose in life other than standing down range at target practice?

Serious question. Really, it is.

Graphic brought to you by: Enemies of Liberalism


Down Syndrome Soap: Episode 2

“What do I do with these?”

“You put them up your butt.”

But… I poop from there.”

The Usual

Down Syndrome Soaps!

I shit myself a few times watching this…

If you’re wondering why I’m weird and uh… I guess fucked up, don’t hesitate to go to the distorted view website seen at the end of the video. 7 more words

The Usual

The Impact of Language

Facebook: The place where millions of people go to share their daily thoughts and activities. For every post that is somewhat charming and relevant, there are usually five that should have never left the cranial cavity. 887 more words


You're Retarded.

A video(linked below) was posted on April 14, 2015 about how the “R” word is offensive and should NEVER be used. It discusses how families who have relatives that have down-syndrome are offended by this word and believe it should never be used. 350 more words