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obama and kerry learned from Rawlings-Blake ...

to “give those who wished to destroy, space to do that.”

They’re just doing it on a larger scale … and shipping them in.

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Vanquish this from your vocab

Vocabulary is awesome. There are millions of wonderful and weird words in the world, and so many ways to say so many things in creative and curious ways. 424 more words


I have always had a colorful vocabulary.

I often recount fondly the tale of how I cursed this kid out in front of the whole class when I was but a wee tiny lad in second grade. 672 more words


Unconditional Positive Regard - Have some!

Something that I’ve been thinking about lately is the idea of unconditional positive regard. More specifically, I’ve been wondering why the concept of unconditional positive regard isn’t naturally embedded in our minds and in society. 467 more words

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Shade - Shade

Artist: Shade
title: Shade
keywords: ambient, acid, insane, retarded, Chicago
reviewer: Willem van O.

As we engage in a shady business by making this place as awkward as possible by mixing the ‘normal’ with the ‘abnormal’ (and the other way around), we might as well poop up some words for Shade. 252 more words


Refuting Amos 'lying delusional pretentious bitch' Yee's 'PAP King Manipulator' *get the vomit bag*

I am still splitting out the remains of whatever that went out of my mouth just now as I watched Amos Yee’s latest and freshest bullshit, I have tried to avoid him but it seem inevitable that I have to address his bullshit again. 1,023 more words

Amos Yee


Fantastic news here.  Retarded immigrants who have been deported from Jewmerica are being allowed to return.  Clearly the more retarded Central Americans Jewmerica has the greater Jewmerica can be. 206 more words

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