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Glenn Beck Humiliates Himself (VIDEO)

Some of you may be wondering why this site is giving that fraudster Glenn Beck any type of coverage at all. I wonder that too, especially since I’m the one who decides what gets published and what does not. 593 more words


Retarded and delayed

I met that boy at an event.
He bumped into me, mumbled an apology and continued walking, more like wobbling. He often looked to the sky. 533 more words

It's Monday morning, it is WAY too early to have to bring out the pitchforks and torches

Yet, here we are. Because while all the humans Maura and I encounter in our world have voicelessly proven to be awesome, there are those who have a wider audience who just fail at being decent human beings. 315 more words


పవన్ రిటార్డ్ అంటూ తిట్టిన రాంగోపాల్ వర్మ..!

పవన్ రిటార్డ్ అంటూ తిట్టిన రాంగోపాల్ వర్మ..!

పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ పై ఇక నుంచీ ట్వీట్ చేయను అంటూ పవన్ అభిమానులకు మాటిచ్చాడు రాంగోపాల్ వర్మ. అందుకే పవర్ స్టార్ పేరును ఉపయోగించకుండా, పవన్ పై ట్వీట్ చేశాడు………Read More……….

For Those Slow on the Uptake

Call me crazy, but nobody likes being called crazy.

I was watching a video online recently. A group of men were debating movies in spectacular fashion. 368 more words



I just realized that I post on this site, and I have no idea whether or not those of you who like and comment actually care about what I have to say. 69 more words


“I am not a he or a she. I am a trigender pyrofox. Bisexual, homosexual, and heterosexual.”

That statement is fairly retarded.

~Thanks for reading