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Did you say desert? As in dry?

This is day 6 of my Retin A fiasco. The fun is just starting. Fun, would not be the word that I would describe this as.   760 more words


Review: Retin A cream 0.025%

Xin chào các bạn đến với Ivy House :)

Hôm nay mình sẽ dành 1 bài viết riêng về Retin A cream 0.025% – 1 trong những thứ đáng thử và hài lòng nhất khi mình ở Thái. 1,168 more words


Skin-lationship 101

Ever try to fix a broken relationship without talking about your core issues and how you got to that point? No?…..yeah then you really did not care enough. 838 more words



Retinoids and Retinols (derivatives or metabolites of Vitamin A) have been around for years and are proven to stimulate collagen production.  They  help with diminishing pigmentation, reduce lines/wrinkles, tighten pores, increase blood flow to the skin, fight acne and improve acne scarring.  550 more words

Drugstore Beauty Buys: Part 2

Heartened by my earlier foray into drugstore beauty buys and my success in finding a great new Vitamin C product, I headed back to the drugstore looking for a few more gems.   637 more words


My daily skincare routine

Wow- two posts in one day, a record for me! This post is for Miranda who requested an outline of my daily skincare routine. My routine is fairly simple and it changes depending on the season and if I have had (or planning) a peel or other treatment (microneedling and Resurfx are my go-to maintenance treatments). 291 more words

Retin-A (Tretinoin)

My dermatologist prescribed me Retin-A about 5 months ago for my mild acne and sun damaged skin. My doctor was upfront and told me that I would experience dryness within the first few months and that I would breakout a lot more before my skin cleared up. 257 more words