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My Weekly Favourite Skin Care Videos

If you are like me, obsessed with everything skin care, you probably may know some of the YouTubers or have watched some of these videos I’ll share. 84 more words


Why Retin-A is the Best Kept Secret for Aging Skin

Stop whatever you are doing! If you don’t have Retin-A or a Retinol in your skin care routine, get it immediately! Let’s begin this post with all the amazing benefits of Retin-A! 606 more words


Retino week 15

My skin has been getting better. Occasionally my skin peels, but it’s much better than the peeling and irritation I experienced the first two months. Everyone has been commenting on my skin and saying it looks better and brighter, I’m so happy! 11 more words

Restarting Tretinoin - 3rd Month

I used tretinoin for 3 months before going to the beach on vacation. I stopped using it a week before I left and the week I was there to avoid sun damage to my skin. 689 more words

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Cream Jerawat Ampuh

“Fiuhhhh it’s been so long kaya nya nyari-nyari obat jerawat yang ampuh buat muka gw, tapi susah nyaaaaaaa…butuh perjuangan yang gak sedikit sih ini :(“

1,318 more words

Retinol Week 13

The peeling and redness started again😢 Just when I thought I was done with all of that.

I wish my dark spots could fade away sooner… 22 more words

Retinol week 12

95% of the horrible side effects (rashes,peeling,acne breakouts, itching,facial swelling, redness, etc) are non existent.

Sometimes if I sweat too much or go out in the sun, my eye area darkens for a few days. 73 more words