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A ViPeel Turns Me Into A Real Itch - But It's Worth It


Yes, they do – literally!  

On Thursday, April 5th, I had my second ViPeel applied.  It’s a great beauty service, and the results are super, but, as with all good things there is the “rub”. 638 more words

About Aging

A New Hobby

I’ve been hit by a strong drive to reboot myself in the image department this year. It might be driven by the fact that I am post-pregnancy, it certainly seems as though I’ve enjoyed the longest streak of “I don’t care about my looks” ever, and now it’s biting me in the arse.  549 more words


Skincare Sunday: Everything You Need to Know About Retinoids

Retinols and retinoids are popping up into skincare regimens everywhere. Whether you’re getting your skincare goods from a Sephora shelf or a pharmacy counter, that mysterious R ingredient is a popular one in the fight against aging and acne. 813 more words


My super-cheap ways to get amazingly soft skin

A compliment I get very often from my fiancé and close friends is how soft my skin is. A lot of people assume I use expensive products, but the reality is I use only drug store-type products. 586 more words

Hypoglycemic Living

2018 got to me already 😭... Why I've been MIA.

Hello people! I’ve been MIA (missing in action)  for a while now and there’s been a lot of things happening in my life , a LOT, but I’ll just talk about the one thing that almost made me give up on myself .  420 more words


Hello Arcona; Goodbye subpar skincare! 

Hello everyone!  So I think I can speak for just about everybody when I say we are pretty familiar with the basic, cookie cutter, three step skincare systems.   1,164 more words

Effective Anti-aging Treatment is Available with a Prescription

Over-the-counter skin care products work well for many women. They keep the skin clean and moisturized and when they are used routinely, they may even help some women slow down the natural aging process for their skin. 376 more words

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