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Retin-A (Tretinoin)

My dermatologist prescribed me Retin-A about 5 months ago for my mild acne and sun damaged skin. My doctor was upfront and told me that I would experience dryness within the first few months and that I would breakout a lot more before my skin cleared up. 257 more words


The Best Anti-Aging Products: My HG Skincare

For those readers unfamiliar with the adjective “HG,” it stands for holy grail and is used to describe products that–wait for it–work miracles.  Now, of course, miracle is a loaded term, and I have yet to find any product that will magically take 20 years off.   789 more words


Acne part 2 - Best treatment options

Good morning ladies and gents, well it’s morning here in the UK!

I don’t know what it is where you are.

Following on from yesterday. 250 more words


First Dermatologist Visit

Hello! This past Friday, I *finally* went to see a dermatologist about my acne and post acne marks (can someone tell me if this is hyper pigmentation?). 500 more words


Skin Care 101


Skin care has long been an obsession of mine, and I love trying out new potions and lotions in the eternal search for HG products, many of which I plan to chronicle in future posts.   564 more words


My Skincare Regimen

I am asked quite a lot how I keep my skin looking so young and clear. For a woman over the age of 30 a dedicated skin care regimen is a must, if you would like to prevent signs of aging for as long as you can and let your skin age gracefully. 360 more words

YBF Skincare Hydrate B Concentrate Review

I received a sample of Hydrate B Concentrate with an order of other YBF Skincare products I purchased. This was a good size for a sample and I got a couple weeks’ use. 535 more words

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