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I can see...deeper? now

Sometime while I was in Ireland, my vision improved to the point where the world got deeper. I remember saying something to Bradley about being able to see that the clouds were layered, and I think at that point I at least partially thought that I was noticing different types of clouds on top of each other, but there’s definitely more than that. 871 more words


A Grand Day Out (...at Moorfields Eye Hospital?)

I decided I was going to bite the bullet and actually drive (BY MYSELF!) to Surrey in preparation for my appointment at Moorfields on Monday, so I was delighted when the day dawned grey and rainy.  1,339 more words

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Impending appointment

I’ve got a check-up appointment at Moorfields on Monday.  These appointments always feel like a blessing and a curse.  On the one hand, it’s always good to get my eyes checked and a huge relief to be told that things are as okay as they can be for now.  878 more words

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You know you've had too much eye surgery when...

  • You know what size surgical stockings you need, and are able to shimmy into them in record time whilst watching other patients struggling with theirs.
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The kindness of strangers

The other day, my no-nonsense colleague (that’s right, the same one that suggested I start writing a blog, at: https://rdramblings.wordpress.com/2015/06/14/hello-world/) said she thought my posts were a bit angry.  1,652 more words

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Otherwise engaged

One day during my last period of inactivity whilst recuperating from my most recent lot of surgery, I started to get a bit gloomy thinking about certain things I’d missed out on over the past year due to all my surgeries and recovery periods.  548 more words

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Are there any other complications to be concerned about?

When it comes to Cataract surgery complications, there can be some that range from minor eye inflammation to destructive vision loss. Thankfully the risk of severe vision loss is quite rare. 192 more words

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