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Post-appointment panic

Following last Monday’s check-up appointment with my original consultant at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, the patient’s copy of his letter to my GP dropped through my letterbox on the Saturday morning.  1,011 more words

Retinal Detachment

Twinkles at twilight; dread at dawn

After contemplating taking part in a sponsored abseil of the ArcelorMittal Orbit, the UK’s tallest sculpture in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in order to raise money for Moorfields Eye Charity, my sister decided to organise a charity tea party instead.  1,242 more words

Retinal Detachment

"When will it ever end?"

“When will it ever end?” or Will it ever end?” is a recurring and ever so slightly desperate query on the RD support group site I belong to.  683 more words

Retinal Detachment

That's it!

So, yesterday: my last trip to the eye clinic, where they pronounced themselves happy with the work they’ve done on my cataracts and signed me off. 105 more words

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Dietary dilemmas

After a member of the Retinal Detachment support group on Facebook gave us all the heads up that the question of whether certain foods or nutritional supplements could improve eyesight was going to be explored on the BBC2 programme ‘Trust me, I’m a Doctor’, I decided I’d better dust off the TV and  tune in.  877 more words

Retinal Detachment

Looking to the future

On Friday evening, when I spotted the headline, ‘Robot operates inside eye in world first’, I was obviously intrigued and so naturally clicked on the link to have a read.  789 more words

Retinal Detachment

More than this..?

Since my eye issues began, I’ve had to restrict a few activities due to visual discomfort of one form or another, or just basically not being able to see well enough.  911 more words

Retinal Detachment