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How Much Do You Know About Retirement? by Joanne Waldman

How Much do You Know About Retirement? by Joanne Waldman

There are many misconceptions about retirement and this article hopes to clarify some of them. 588 more words

Quality Of Life

Securing our Retirement Plan

We cannot be working full time forever. At some point, during retirement age, normally 65, we go on to take different needs and priorities in life – travels, maintenance medicine, a farm to till, etc. 417 more words

Variable Universal Life (VUL)

The 50 Jobs Where People Retire the Earliest

While some Americans remain working in certain professions long after they are eligible for retirement, the same is not true for every job. When it comes to paramedics, for example, far less than 1% of the workforce is age 66 or older. 156 more words

The 50 Jobs Where People Work the Longest

Americans weigh a lot of factors when deciding when to retire: when Social Security kicks in, how much they have saved and, of course, whether they’re willing and able to continue working. 223 more words

Penamatan Perkhidmatan

Penamatan perkhidmatan boleh dilakukan oleh mana-mana pihak yang terlibat iaitu (a) Oleh pekerja itu sendiri, atau (b) oleh majikan pekerja itu.

(a) Penamatan Perkhidmatan oleh Pekerja… 239 more words


Bill English should no longer do interviews. He’s a liability

When Bill English is put under pressure by an interviewer, he’s so keen not to take a position that he hedges. This was what led to the Retirement age debacle where the period from interview to policy announcement was mere days.

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NZ Politics

The call center challenge!

One of the issues with working in a call center, any call center, is the less than pleasant calls, generally from angry, or just plain rude customers, or staff. 254 more words