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Round Up: National Day Rally 2015

The National Day Rally is over and it wasn’t a bad one. Just in case you’re wondering, this National Day Rally thing has been held annually since 1966. 386 more words

Current Affairs

The good news: Social Security really will work for your grandkids. Now, the bad news

The US Social Security program turned 80 years old last week. But despite its longevity, a recent Gallup poll shows that more than 50% of Americans… 587 more words

Game Theory & Retirement Choices - Should You Get Yours, Before Everyone Else Tries To Get Theirs?

By Daniel R. Amerman, CFA – Re–Blogged From http://danielamerman.com

Game theory is a hot topic in many fields right now and for good reason – it can uncover better ways of making decisions, that are often otherwise missed. 1,956 more words

GDP & Employment

Permanent Health Insurance (PHI)

I apologise to my overseas readers, as this post only relates to the UK.  However, it is vitally important so I do need to raise the issue. 630 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Old but Tough by Bill Storie

By Bill Storie

“Analysis of historic census records reveals the majority of over-65s in Victorian England worked full-time” – Ancestry.com

I’ve been doing some research into retirement issues and what people do with themselves in retirement. 552 more words

Quality Of Life

"From Someone Who Was Raised In Privilege": Jeb Bush Wants Us To Work More For The Collective Good. Who's The Socialist Now?

Former governor Jeb Bush’s announcement this week that he thinks people should work more hours puts him in direct opposition to the two leading contenders on the Democratic side – both of whom are pushing proposals that will allow people to work less. 793 more words


after a lifetime of indentured servitude, anticipate your wootastic retirement at 70+

if one ever briefly entertains the thought that humans are thoroughly intelligent, consider the following..

but firstly, the requisite disclaimers again. these are only due to muddle-brained fools who are living proof there is zero ‘intelligent design’ somewhere in operation because of certain individuals possessing both vocal folds and mouths. 1,000 more words