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How Does Heat Affect Seniors & How To Protect Them?

Heat Ailments are Mainly Caused by Overexertion When Temperatures are High or Due to Overexposure to the Sun. Here’s How You Can Protect Them…Read More

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Senior Care: Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

A few years ago I got the call. My 84-year old, active, vibrant, still-working mother fell and sustained a compound fracture of her femur. Even though I’ve worked in the senior care field for 30 years, I’ll admit that I wasn’t completely prepared for this crisis…Read More

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Here’s One Humongous Market that Hardly Any Tech Vendor is Addressing

The population of Americans aged 50 and older is growing fast as the last of the baby boomers “age” into that group. New numbers from the AARP estimate that this demographic group accounts for a whopping $7.6 trillion in economic activity every year…Read More

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The Importance of Being Curious

An interesting person is a curious one who never stops asking questions and never stops learning.  For senior citizens who have spent a lifetime discovering new things, exploring the world around us, debating ideas, forming opinions, and experiencing much of what life has to offer – it is natural that learning should continue for as long as possible. 466 more words

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Benefits of Volunteering in a Retirement Community

There are Plenty of Opportunities & Many Benefits for Seniors to be a Volunteer! Searching Online is One Way To Find Opportunities. Learn More!

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Proposed LGBT Retirement Community: Bataan, Philippines

There is a largely untapped market in the Philippines for LGBT retirement communities- considering it is the most tolerant gay destination in Asia. The Home for the Golden Gays is hoping to find a new home and assist this ignored demographic to promote safe gay retirement in the Philippines. 459 more words