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5 Reasons Why I Love To Paint With My Mother

If you are following my blog, by now you know I’ve fallen in love with this simple painting class I facilitate at my mother’s assisted living home.    930 more words

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Active Retirement Living Communities For Old & Elderly People

Active retirement communities allow the elderly people to lead an independent, happy life thereby spreading their social network, make friends with like-aged people and live stress-free. 418 more words

Retirement Community

What Are The Senior Citizen Retirement Homes Services?

The period after retirement can be extremely challenging and difficult for seniors, elderly people. this can be because of the fact that someone who has always lived an independent life is now considered incapable of taking care of himself/herself post-retirement and is now dependent on somebody for the same. 386 more words

Retirement Community

Luxury Nursing Care For Old People At Retirement Homes in India

The only thing in life that comes without making any effort is old age. With old age comes health and lifestyle problems like inability to walk, talk and hear. 378 more words

Retirement Community

The Beautiful Retirement Resort & Luxury Retirement Homes in Bangalore

Have you ever thought that why all of us are working, what do we want at the end of the day from our life? A lot of people after working industriously and relentlessly could not make themselves happy and realize that the factor of peacefulness is somewhere missing from their life. 346 more words

Retirement Community

Anandam Retirement Homes: The Best Retirement Homes In India

Retirement homes in India is a very modern concept that we all should take positively. Many times it can happen that elders may not feel comfortable in the home and want to move to retirement homes due to various reasons. 357 more words

Retirement Community

Doris (92) & Peter (93) Found Love at Edgehill.

It’s never too late to find love. Just ask Doris Harrington (92) and Peter Koroscil (93), residents at Stamford-based Edgehill Community, who are celebrating six years of marriage. 583 more words