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It Depends - Gargleblaster Microstories #261

The retirement community was okay with Fred, but something was burning.

“Oh that’s Mr. Garza,” said Miss Poole. She pointed.

Garza was stuffing handfuls of Habanero peppers down his mouth. 12 more words

Short Fiction

" Heartaches! Nothing but Heartaches!" *

A continuation of the blog post titled Living in a Stepford Community

by cheri sabraw

The Rules of Engagement that govern the Stepford Community’s voluntary e-mail group are more extensive than… 503 more words


Living in a Stepford community

by cheri sabraw

I live on a piece of property where, through the grace of the God of PIP ( Psychological Insulating Protection), I have a four-acre  buffer zone from the sometimes crass and inane behavior of others of my species. 462 more words


In Good Company: Retirement Community Boasts 6 Centenarians

Photos by Steven Senne

With roughly 72,000 centenarians in the United States, it’s not all that unusual to find several clustered in the same city. 1,530 more words


Sunshine Village Newsletter - January 2016

Sunshine Village publishes newsletters for our residents and guests. Click on the picture to open the January 2016 edition.

January2016 74 more words


Health Tips from your Maple Knoll Home Health Nurse

Do you know the most important way to prevent the spread of infectious illnesses? Did you know that 80% of all infectious disease are transmitted by touching? 366 more words

Older Adults

Tell Us What You Think

Gopal is 66 years young! His wife Malini is 62 years. They have two adoring daughters who live abroad. They are blessed with two grand daughters. 351 more words

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