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Positive Seasonality

As I previously wrote, positive seasonality is on right now, and the pre-openers are up a bit as I type, indicating that the open is likely to be a positive one. 75 more words

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Where Is this Market At?

I’ve updated all of my technical timing indicators, to try to get a feel for where this market is at. And the answer is: Market risk, by those measures I rely upon, appears to be rather high, and I personally don’t see much more upside to this last move, which commenced on Monday the 16th, two weeks ago. 422 more words

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More Upside Today?

History says that the day before and the day after Thanksgiving are typically up days. It appears, according to the pre-openers, that historical precedent may play out again today, as it did a bit on Wednesday. 114 more words

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Like a Fickle Woman!

I’m not going to pretend. I don’t know how traders do it. Just as soon as one would be convinced this market is headed down… it turns up! 224 more words

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Before the Open

We’re minutes before the open and the pre-market is off by some 6 tenths to 2/3rds of 1%. The open in less than 10 minutes will likely be down. 14 more words

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“Worry Ends Where Faith Begins”

While passing a church the other day I saw a sign that said “Worry Ends Where Faith Begins.” It suddenly struck me that this is true in so many situations. 258 more words

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Tell All: Continued

All the way back on the 6th, I started to tell all, and have yet to finish. On the 17th, I added some more. Today, I’d like to take things further. 556 more words

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