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Double Your Income Every 3 Years!

I selected today’s headline to be an attention-grabber… nothing more! Except for one thing: It is possible, and I am doing it! Now, are you intrigued? 621 more words

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Greatly Enhance Your Return

I closed last time by promising some ‘icing’ on the portfolio price performance return of the ‘cake.’

Shareholder Yield is an excellent, long-term, buy-and-hold, stock market investment strategy; the very best of at least 300+ such strategies tested in… 585 more words

Stock Market Investing

Better Than the Very Best?

I’ve mentioned the book before, What Works On Wall Street. In it, well more than 300 stock market investing strategies are tested, using data going all the way back to 1926, so as to cover every market condition. 544 more words

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Lasting Stream Of Retirement Income

A lasting stream of income during retirement is crucial for any retirement plan. The financial realities of our world are changing. More and more people need to rely on their own investments for income during retirement.  1,076 more words

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Winning Hearts and Minds One Person at a Time

These kinds of emails mean an awful lot to me. Pay close attention… even for his mother, too!

“Hi Harold,

Well Harold I’ve finally become a true believer. 305 more words

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Put Costco on Your Shopping List

I absolutely love it when I get word from a trader that one of my stocks is a target purchase of his… Get a load of this! 391 more words

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Retiree's Seek Peace of Mind

The retiree’s goal of their retirement savings is to build your own pension. At some point in the future, your current stream of periodic income (i.e., your paychecks) will cease and you will need to replace it from whatever means available. 879 more words

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