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Wisdom to do The Right Thing

I get a call yesterday. Older woman with a goodly amount that her husband left… all in ONE stock! It pays a dividend; a small one, and that dividend hasn’t gone up in years! 584 more words

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Invest for the Safe-Dividend Growth

When I receive a great read, I pass it on. This is a great read! Enjoy!

“If paying real cash to shareholders repeatedly is the sign of a strong business, paying more and more cash each year is perhaps the strongest sign of all. 647 more words

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It's Getting to be Crunch Time!

The market is very displeased. Last week was miserable! And, as I write one and one half hours before the 9:30 EST opening, the pre-market trading indicates that the market is currently off at least another one half of one percent. 455 more words

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Need a fixed income during retirement

Hear the latest fixed indexed annuity – FG Retirement Pro

This fixed annuity product offers:

  • 7% vesting premium bonus (state variations apply)
  • Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit with…
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How Long You Gonna Hold That Pig, IBM?

So, IBM reported the other day, and got taken down some more. “How long you gonna hold that pig,” a reader wants to know? My answer is… probably for a very long time, here’s what I read about that ‘loser,’ from someone who’s analysis I highly respect: 762 more words

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Just Enough!

For the past six months, we’ve had just enough economic bad news to make some people sell and head for the exits. At the same time, we’ve had just enough good news for others to keep on keeping on. 480 more words

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The Financial Engines Stoplight: Understanding the Metaphor

If you are eligible for Financial Engines services, you’ve likely seen our stoplights – our metaphor for helping you quickly visualize where you stand when it comes to your retirement savings. 639 more words