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I'm Just Lucky, That's All

No, I’ve no magic tricks. The old OEXpert 7 Market Timing program just came through for me again, was all. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! 155 more words

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Get Ready, Cuz Here It Comes!

I’ll run the stock search, but I want to report on the timer first. I just updated the OEXpert 7 Timer, and it is pointing right at the middle of this week as a place where it would almost certainly re-signal for me, if Tuesday and Wednesday, prior to 2:15 pm EST, should prove to be flat to down. 368 more words

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Did We Reverse Before the Fed?

My OEXpert 7 Stock Market Timer was getting close to signaling, or re-signaling, I guess. The Federal Open MOUTH Committee members kept stating their personal opinions, and was sending the market into gyrations; down, then up, and all over again. 218 more words

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Looking Ugly

No question about it, the market’s starting to get spooked and is beginning to look pretty ugly.

I ran the search, and as has been the case of late, I get 23 good-looking candidates. 380 more words

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The mystery of the required minimum distribution (RMD)

Have you ever heard of the 4% rule? That’s the traditional percentage of your retirement savings you can spend each year and not run out of money because you were unfortunate enough to live too long. 253 more words


Where Do Things Stand?

First, the fishin’ was incredible! We caught False Albacore Tuna off Beavertail in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island until we didn’t want to catch anymore!

Running the search. 901 more words

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Goin' Fishin'

Really… I was invited by my oldest to go fishing with him, my second oldest, and a grandson. I fully intended to do some deep study and get to you with it. 142 more words

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