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Warmer Wednesday

If Tuesday was tough, and the market cold, Wednesday warmed it up a good bit. It sold off further, but recovered well, and showed some real resiliency, on good volume. 502 more words

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A different take on retirement income and Social Security 

Misleading voters is a trick of the trade for politicians who are masters at it because they take positions widely popular with poorly informed Americans who rarely ask “why,” “how,” or “what are the consequences?” 459 more words


Tough Tuesday

If Monday consolidated well… Tuesday was… not so good! It opened down hard, and then sort-of frittered away to the downside all day long, until about quarter past 3, then it began to recover some, but only for half an hour. 462 more words

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Monday Consolidated Well

If what I just saw is correct, I am rippin’ mad!!! I received email notification that our very first eOption monthly brokerage statements thru our new clearing firm became available. 439 more words

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January 2016 Monthly Scorecard

Update 2/3/16: I found that I double counted a payment which skewed my results for Nov, Dec, and Jan.  The results have been corrected below. 329 more words

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Bullish and Bearish Portfolio Stocks

As you may know, I have a portfolio of concentrated safe-dividend growing issues. I don’t have 50 or 100 stocks, but focus on some 22 issues at this time. 469 more words

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Okay, So, This is Pertinent

I know that stock valuation hinges on earnings, and its perceived future growth, or lack thereof. Operating out of that most basic premise, I have access to forward-looking earnings estimate data for thousands of issues, and I am able to chart that data, so as to determine what the Wall Street analytical community, and those in the trust, bank, investment and insurance companies are planning to do with those dollars they allocate to stocks. 627 more words

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