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How To Retire In 10 Years!

Going thru old files in Word, I came across this. It’s a worthy read.

“How to Retire in 10 Years with Dividend Stocks

Follow these 5 dividend rules to ease the way towards retirement… 1,099 more words

Stock Market Investing

21 steps to freedom

When people talk about making money online, it can sometimes sound very complicated.

But what it all boils down to is…


Money is just a way to achieve that freedom… 415 more words

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Investing In Real Estate For Retirement Income

Is real estate a good way to generate strong returns for retirement? Absolutely. Having a reasonably steady, and a mostly predictable, income stream is the Holy Grail for retirees. 790 more words

Ariah Rastegar

Retirement-The Lost American Dream

I come from a long line of very hard working, strong, survival minded people….           And I am very proud of this fact …………

My parents grew up in Europe during WWII. 488 more words


Wednesday, 8:53 am EST. What can we say about Tuesday? That was quite a move, wasn’t it? I think I am able to say now, rather definitively, that the OEXpert 7 called it yet again. 494 more words

Stock Market Investing

How to Expand Your Online Marketing to the Global Marketplace

When you first launch your website, the quickest way to gain traction and expand your brand is to focus on a niche market. This means zeroing in on a smaller market with less competition. 591 more words

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Ready to Retire? How to Properly Frame the Investment Allocation Conversation.

Young investors are often told to embrace risk in their portfolios. The ups and downs of the markets are an ally in the pursuit of long-term growth, and losses only matter when they’re realized. 735 more words