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The Best Way to Pay Off Your Mortgage in Retirement

One of the most popular questions I get from retirees is, “Should I pay off my mortgage?” Easy enough question without, unfortunately, an easy answer. The concept make sense, pay down the largest monthly bill that you have, your mortgage, and this will eliminate the need for large monthly distributions from your retirement accounts.    797 more words

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4 Reasons to Make Roth Contributions in Your 50s and 60s

If you are under the age of 40, making Roth IRA or 401(k) contributions is a no brainer. Putting money into a Roth account that can grow tax free for the rest of your life is a fantastic benefit and the earlier you start contributing, the better. 828 more words

Withdrawal Strategy

How the 2018 Tax Changes will Impact Michigan Retirees and Planning Tips

Over Christmas I spent some time with my brother in-law in New York City.  Over a couple $13 beers, New York is ridiculously expensive, we started talking about a home that he was considering buying.   1,004 more words


A Michigan Tax Break You May Not Know About (Until it’s Gone)

Can I interest you in warm sunny winters, white sandy beaches and not having to pick up a shovel anymore?  Oh, and how about not having to pay Michigan state income taxes on your retirement income?   547 more words

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Working? Here’s Some Basics.

What has been the biggest factor in helping people end up financially sound in retirement?

In our opinion, it is the availability of retirement plans in the workplace. 435 more words

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