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You want to repayment your study loan..?

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Ahead of Brexit, Paris Tries a Business Makeover by DAVID SEGAL


Hoping to woo companies that will move employees from London, leaders in Paris are trying to replace red tape with a red carpet. 14 more words

Expect Fed to Raise Interest Rate and F.C.C. to Repeal Net Neutrality by THE NEW YORK TIMES


Janet Yellen will most likely oversee her final major policy decision in charge of the Federal Reserve the same day that lawmakers discuss the tax overhaul plan. 15 more words

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest Specialize in Small Talk and Big Ratings by JOHN KOBLIN


The homey “Live With Kelly and Ryan” sticks to light banter even as its NBC rival, Megyn Kelly, takes on weightier matters. 14 more words

A Fed Rate Increase Is Expected. But What Comes Next? by BINYAMIN APPELBAUM


The Federal Reserve has signaled its move this week. Investors, though, want to know whether the central bank will continue with its patient approach to rates. 14 more words

December 2017: A Long Time Coming ~ Dec. 10, 2017

This is a great post by Denise LeFay. She puts it right out there, humanity’s great Transition is happening right on schedule…but it’s been a long time coming! 2,071 more words