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Planning for retirement in the new pensions landscape

The new pension savings market offers much more flexibility and choice post–6 April this year, which is a positive, but it can be overwhelming. For people planning for retirement in the new world of pension freedoms, there are both risks and opportunities – from passing on your pension to loved ones, to making the most of tax relief. 690 more words

£17 million is withdrawn daily due to new pension freedoms

Those saving for a pension have been withdrawing around £27 million a day from their pots following the implementation of new retirement freedoms, figures from insurers reveal. 128 more words

Why Buyout Barons Like a Blank Check by JEFFREY GOLDFARB


A cutthroat merger scene and the success enjoyed by the likes of Martin Franklin have amplified the push for special-purpose acquisition companies. 14 more words

Defense to Rest in Trial of 3 Ex-Dewey & LeBoeuf Leaders by MATTHEW GOLDSTEIN


The defense plans to formally rest its case on Tuesday without calling a single witness to testify in the trial, which began in late May. 14 more words

B&G Foods Agrees to Buy Green Giant and Le Sueur Brands by CHAD BRAY


The deal to acquire the brands from General Mills for $765 million in cash is B&G Foods’ first venture into frozen foods. 14 more words

Trinity Guardrails Will Face Tests Again, This Time by the State of Virginia by DANIELLE IVORY and AARON M. KESSLER


In addition to federal testing, the state of Virginia will have vehicles hit Trinity’s ET-Plus guardrails at slight angles — said to be representative of many car accidents. 14 more words

Cargo Announces Retirement From Armies

HUSKY, Ice Warrior Nation – Seven days after announcing his temporary absence from the Ice Warriors leadership, Cargo officially retired from the Ice Warriors, as well as all armies, permanently. 569 more words