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Looking for the London Canal Museum

Travel, like jazz, is all about the improv.  We started out one morning with a destination of the London Canal Museum.  So far, we’d learned all we could retain from The Museum of London and The London Transport Museum.   216 more words


This blog is titled Bubbles and Jazz. If Kalani was life in a bubble, London is the jazz!

The theme could be Humanity through History, with endless variations on the theme. 395 more words

There’s Community and Consensus. But It’s No Commune. by TOM VERDE


A small movement with an ungainly name, cohousing, is appealing to more people of retirement age — and younger — who no longer want to be isolated. 14 more words

Online Courses Are Harming the Students Who Need the Most Help by SUSAN DYNARSKI


Online education helps school districts that need to save money make do with fewer teachers. But there is mounting evidence that struggling students suffer. 15 more words

Why Private Equity Isn’t Cheering the Tax Overhaul by WILLIAM D. COHAN


The tax overhaul could force private equity firms to change the way they do deals for the first time since the industry got revved up in the 1980s. 14 more words

My Investing Philosophy

As my first blog post on this site, I wanted to lay the framework for my investing philosophy. It is with this philosophy that I have invested thus far. 568 more words


Transitioning to Retirement

I haven’t done much on this blog lately. I’ve been busy writing. I have finally finished all the books I had started. Twelve novels is enough, I think, to determine whether I can get them commercially published. 384 more words