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Snakes, Cyclones and Errol

A summer of rolling heatwaves, lack of rain(in our wet season), and now Cyclone Oma hitting the coastline finds me more than a little wistful today. 493 more words



money only matters if it helps you live a life you love.

This is my favorite quote currently, it’s becoming more and more popular for people to retire at a younger age these days, I read articles of those retiring at ages 30 and as young as 28 and 23. 

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3 Borrowers Win Case on Eligibility for Public Service Loan Forgiveness by RON LIEBER


A federal judge said the Department of Education had changed its policies without proper notice, throwing the lives of the student-loan borrowers into chaos. 15 more words

If George Bush had Privatized Social Security, Where Would We Be?

A few days ago, Bernie Sanders‘ staff made a Tweet praising Social Security, saying it is the most successful government program in history. In response, I published the video from the State of the Union Address made by… 2,341 more words


A New Job

With the official retirement date of April Fool’s Day, I have been rethinking a lot of what I do and want to do.  Being retired is really like taking on a new job.  280 more words


Friday Morning

The sign said Fresh Pretzels and Logs. Interesting enough, but what really got my attention was the wonderful aroma of yeast, sugar and cinnamon, plus a smidgeon of savory sausage and melting cheese! 485 more words


Retirement – Selfishness

It’s bred in the bone – don’t be selfish, put others before
yourself, you will reap the rewards of
your actions. How? When? Does it matter? 459 more words