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The retirement crisis is going to hit one half of America harder than the other

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American women will have a harder time of it in retirement than men, according to Sallie Krawcheck, a former Wall Street executive who founded, … 142 more words

Money Matters

Eventually Freedom

After 30 years of working for the same company, my oldest brother, Anthony, retired. He’s been working since he was a kid. Whether he was hurling the local newspaper from his bike or hustling kids at school to buy Play Boy magazines, he was always trying to earn a buck. 1,054 more words


The armies of life

It’s nearly Labor Day and the dragonflies are back, zipping over the deck against a bright blue sky filled with puffy clouds. Somewhere south of here in the Gulf is a storm that might (1) give us some rain and wind, (2) miss us altogether, or (3) come ashore as a full-on hurricane that would send us running for the hills. 558 more words


Retirement: Some Suggestions for the Uninformed Perspective

The truth is many people still have not bought into the idea of investment plans because of some things they hold, for which they cannot really be blamed because of what they have experienced in life. 294 more words

See That Money on the Table? Don’t Leave It There!

Find out more about maximizing your employer match and what that means for compound growth here.


Holy crap Batman, it’s been five years

I worried about my synapses snapping after I retired. Would I become one of those slow speaking, irritatingly nice old people. The ones that talk to all salespeople and cashiers when you are waiting for your turn.  277 more words