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A Twist to the Tale

The Foxes and the Grapevine

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
And into the vineyard she hastily did jog.
She reached for the grapes that were held high… 241 more words

The Poetry

some sort of tale...

It has been a crazy roller-coaster kind of month so far but ….happily stitching away…

 Inbetween the stitching I’ve been planning for my upcoming solo in 2016, had a encouraging studio visit and made some time to play! 330 more words

(m)otherwise Thoughts



In this technically advanced era, people look around for their own comfort zones and care less about others. And, people have turned out to be mostly cruel, cunning and are really far away from one of the basic nature of humanity-forgiveness. 586 more words


“No love-story has ever been told twice. I never heard any tale of lovers that did not seem to me as new as the world on its first morning.”
—Eleanor Farjeon


Fairytale Retold

I glance into the pitch black night through the window. The rain is pouring down now, blurring the sight outside. Over the pounding of the rain, I hear hooves and the splash of wheels in the puddles as a cart pulls to a holt in front of the tavern. 1,052 more words

Writer's Blog

M is for Mythology (And Midway through the Challenge!)

Mythology has always fascinated me. Since first reading Bulfinch’s Mythology in late middle school, I’ve enjoyed reading all types of old stories and legends, from classic Greek and Roman mythology to more obscure mythological traditions like Basque stories to fairy tales and urban legends. 337 more words

A To Z

Retold Fairytales: A Crossroads of Age and Youth

There’s something childish, exciting, and quintessentially magical about fairytales. The problem is, most of them are pretty puerile or morbid stories. Either you get the dolled up Disney version of Cinderella, or you go back far enough to the Grimm Brothers’ version where the stepsisters are hacking off parts of their feet in order to fit into the glass slipper. 434 more words