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Recycled, Remolded, and Retold

Today, I would like to focus on the aspect of recycling stories. There are a plethora of stories that have been recycled, retold, and remade for hundreds, if not thousands of years. 320 more words


I never asked,
to be like this.

I hoped for escape,
from a life I would not miss.

I believed in happiness,
after my last breath. 158 more words


Artificial Emotions

Calm me.
Soothe me.
Set me free.
Lead me away from human fears.
Halt my flow of childish tears.
Slow my pulse, quiet my wild thoughts. 112 more words


You are Heaven, I am Hell

You were the centre of our universe,
Our sun.

You were the bit of hope pushing through desperation,
Our light.

You were the one who was always honest, 190 more words


A Heart Pumps Love, not Blood

I was born to fight, born to maim, born to feel pain.
I kill even when there is nothing to gain.
My blades forever bloody, my hands never clean. 333 more words


Last Two at School

I hate the rain,
so cold, so heartless, so empty.
I stare though the window,
fearing the long walk
from roof to roof,
scared of that dreary cold, 211 more words


Rapunzel is Not a Name (1)

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” a voice called from the ground. The old woman rose and shuffled towards the window. Her silver locks swayed back and forth in a single braid that brushed her knees. 1,218 more words

Fairy Tale