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Of the Pinwheel III

The pinwheel.
I am always walking towards the pinwheel.
Like it’s all I ever knew.
I have never stopped.
Time flew.
Each day is endless and never begins anew. 61 more words


Of the Pinwheel II

Softly, satin streaks soak into the sky;
Gently, green-grey grass grows to left and right;
The pebble-powder path passes it by,
And the paper pinwheel plays in the light; 79 more words


Of the Pinwheel I

The world is soft what a strange way to describe a world I know I know that and yet there is no better way as the air is still and the grass is silent and the sky is unmoving not even the clouds and all the edges I see are dulled and it is so calm and peaceful and soft but the pinwheel is not the pinwheel has power in this place with no strength no will the pinwheel is turning it is forcing the stagnant air away and pumping movement into space I can see the clear defined lines of its rigid wings as it cuts away the veil this world has cast over my eyes and I remember when I see the pinwheel I remember that I am waiting that I am not moving though I’m running that I am soft but that my purpose is not I am waiting for you so that we can be the clarity of the world just like the pinwheel is I am waiting for you here and am looking for you everywhere so come to me but stay where you are and when we find each other again the world will shine.


My Ex Wardrobe gets a makeover and returns as RETOLD

MY EX WARDROBE, a renowned pre-loved fashion brand in Dubai, is back on the block as RETOLD. Previously a highly anticipated pop-up concept known as MY EX WARDROBE, the freshly re-branded RETOLD will now enjoy a permanent address for loyal shoppers that can’t get enough of the brand. 403 more words

A caravan retold in photos

Cuba, Jan 8 th – The following selection of photographs is from the book Caravana de la libertad, by Cuban authors Luis Báez and Pedro de la Hoz. 262 more words


BookBlast- Children's Classic Stories(Volume 1)- Retold by Aniesha Brahma

About The Book

This gorgeous treasury of ten classic stories is guaranteed to delight and entertain young children, bringing the magic of traditional stories to the new generation of children. 200 more words

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