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Picture Perfect

The issue of airbrushing always brings about industry sentiments – a divide that leaves you wondering if the perfect person is a breech of ethical trusts or the advertising industry simply trying to present the best form of a person. 374 more words

So... The Summer begins

Straight from doing a winter retouch I go straight to a Summer themed one. I think some people can’t wait for the summer!

Although I rather the cold of winter, I do like the Summer themed shoots as the lighting and sets are pretty awesome. 24 more words

Before/After: Retouching A High-End Condo

I took on another real estate retouching project this week and I thought I’d share some of the images with y’all. Let me first give a little background to the project: I did not shoot the photos myself. 314 more words


Bad Judge

This photo of Kate Walsh was for NBC/Universal’s Bad Judge.


Camera Advice Needed

Good evening wonderful people, I’ve had such a lazy weekend as per usual! For most people this would drive them crazy, but It’s nice to just be at home living with my hubby and my little furry baby Yogi. 100 more words


The quickie

Some shots can be pretty hard to restore or retouch. In this instance, it was fairly simple. The model has super smooth skin, all that was required was lighting some color correction and a touch of texture here and there. 10 more words