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Wedding Photography - August 2016

Nearly three weeks after the wedding day, I have finally retouched and delivered almost 300 wedding photos to the Bride & Groom.

August 6th was a scorching sunny day which made my life easy regarding some aspects of photography, but the extreme bright vs sharp shadows could also make things a little difficult (not to mention the temperatures I was stood out in for hours). 34 more words


Boys and Body Image

Body image issues are most often associated with girls and women.

How many boys or men do you see in advertisements? Sure, there are plenty. But they don’t match the number of girls or women in advertisements. 440 more words

Headshots: Federal Hill Park

After my last round of headshots, I was contacted by Mariam Assadian by email, inquiring about headshots.  She had the idea of meeting up in Fed Hill Park, overlooking Baltimore, and taking some headshots that she could use for work correspondence and her Linked In profile.   253 more words


Objective Photography is an Oxymoron (all photos lie...)

There is no such thing as an objective photograph

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (here) entitled “When Pictures Are Too Perfect” prompted this post. 4,737 more words


Does my bum look big in this?

On the way to a meeting, I was standing in front of this poster on a tube platform. It’s nice enough – the locations all look quite appealing, especially when you’re waiting on the underground.  153 more words


Retouching Acne {Senior Portraits in Portland}

Got acne? Not a problem, here is T.W. Kerr Photography we are expert retouchers and can take care of any skin issue while keeping you looking natural. 47 more words

Senior Portraits

Photoshop CS6, A Mission in Many Parts

Another week at uni and another project done and dusted. This week saw me tackle the beast that is Adobe Photoshop and trying to learn the ins and outs of photo retouching and composition. 960 more words