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I've been manipulated, and I like it!

There is a lot of debate about photo manipulation. Some are for, some against, and some are floating voters. I’m in the camp where I like to use digital manipulation to enhance, but not necessarily radically change the nature of the subject. 674 more words

Retouching Images (but if you have that extra head growing out of your right shoulder well…)

Retouching is always a topic that generates interesting opinions, some people say it is bad and others like it and there are also those who do not know what exactly a “retoucher” is or what they do. 1,682 more words

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Hailey Portraits

Having a week off from classes and work has given me a chance to catch up on edits for some photo shoots I’ve done recently. Here are some portraits of my friend and classmate Hailey, who was basically being my strobe lighting guinea pig. 16 more words


My Issues With Body Image


  • Sorry i haven’t posted lately- between school, work, friends, the boyfriend, and recovering from being sick I’ve had massive anxiety
  • I’ve decided that I’m going to post 1-2 times a week as opposed to my original goal of 5 days a week which, in hindsight, was unrealistic for me.  
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Revved Up...

There’s a great little Café and clothing outlet in our town that is geared towards bikers. The café is popular and bikers come from all over to visit. 189 more words


a little piece about wasting time hating your body

I came across this article today on Buzzfeed. Now, Buzzfeed is usually a place I go to stop thinking and instead look at pictures of happy dogs etc. 931 more words

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