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Violet Hue

One of my personal favorite effects to add a colored hue to the skin to create a stunning visual that’s pleasing to the eye.

Of course, this effect cannot be used on every photo, but with this image, I felt it just suited it completely and made this model even more stunning. 40 more words

Photo Retouching

Highlight - Practice Image

This model is absolutely beautiful and didn’t require much editing.

In this image, I just played with the shadows and highlights, smoothed the hair and skin, and made the eyes pop with a little dodge and burn. 50 more words

Photo Retouching

Tanned Up - Practice Image

Practicing with some skin color alterations.

Simple touch-ups were done, highlight and shadows added and hair was cleaned up.

RAW photos downloaded for practice use only, you can get them here.

Photo Retouching

Adobe Comp, Photoshop Sketch and Photoshop Fix

Creative potential cannot be chained to the desktop. Such limitations defy all we know about creativity. Namely, that inspiration strikes where you least expect it, and we are most creative (and productive) on our own terms, which has new meaning in a mobile world. 339 more words



Tick tock tick now you know whats Editing.


Buildings Without Distractions

Architects can design the most amazing building, yet when it’s shoved up next to a bunch of others, it tends to lose some of the impact. 135 more words