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Verb: retoxing

From ancient Germanic Yetochs, a solstice ritual for shotgunning beer.

Present Day Usage:

The act of polluting one’s body after doing something healthy.  92 more words


Butterscotch, Bacon, & Rum Cookies! Oh My!

A number of years back a friend of ours made some kind of giant chocolate chip cookie with bacon in it. Both my husband and I fell in love and pretty much ate the entire batch and talked about them incessantly for months after. 501 more words


Captain Crunch Crusted Breakfast Chicken & Gravy

My husband runs into a major conflict when we go out to breakfast. A MAJOR CONFLICT! He really loves a bloody mary, but he also wants the sweetest breakfast imaginable. 483 more words


Betty Ford Boys- Retox (2014)

Retox“ is the second album by the Austro-German producer super group consisting of Suff Daddy, Dexter and Brenk Sinatra. The album was recorded at The Fisherhaus, a small timber cottage somewhere in Bavaria earlier this year. 106 more words

Instrumental Hip Hop

Risotto With Asparagus, Peas, and Prosciutto

In case the thought ever crossed your mind, NEVER get a puppy within the first year of having a baby. Don’t do it. No matter how cute they are or how much you want your baby to grow up with a pal…Don’t do it. 721 more words


Bananas Foster Empanadas

Because sometimes you want a yummy dessert and sometimes you just want to light shit on fire! :) I say have your cake and eat it too! 464 more words


Great Sangria & The Secret To Finding A Great Guy!

One of my very favorite places in San Francisco is Cha Cha Cha’s in the Mission. It’s a fun little tapas bar with good food and great sangria! 520 more words