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Yoko Honda

Japanese Illustrator & Designer.

An ode to the 80’s, Tokyo based illustrator and designer Yoko Honda, bring back to life the geometric designs, neon sunsets and retro landscapes of the past. 106 more words


Album Review: Lazerhawk - Dreamrider

As a pioneer of synthwave music, Lazerhawk and his music are familiar to most fans of the genre. The artist’s first two albums, 2010’s Redline… 1,047 more words


Album Review: Overvad - Massive Scoop

It’s become equally rare and exciting to hear a classic style of synthwave performed well, especially from newcomers to the genre. In a year when several founding artists have struggled to produce quality music, Overvad provides a fresh voice and commitment to the sounds of Synthwave 1.0 the genre can use. 1,022 more words


Pawsley (cat paisley)

I really didn’t intend to do any artwork today. But this happened.

Inspired by mid-century French design, particularly La Vache Qui Ri labels, textile patterns and cats. 12 more words

Illustrated Post

Album Review: Kalax - Kalax

It’s worth stepping back in time several years in order to gain the proper perspective on Kalax’s self-titled new album. In the early to mid-2010s, when synthwave was still a sproutling of ‘80s music finding life in a fresh musical landscape, the process of establishing the genre was an important one. 720 more words