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Francesco Francavilla--Looking for the work of your favorite comic artist in new places

If you are a fan of Italian comic book artist Francesco Francavilla, you probably make sure you’ve kept up with his work on series like DC’s… 361 more words

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Album Review: Tokyo Rose - The Chase: Last Run

Tokyo Rose’s full-length album has finally arrived, and although it offers plenty of enjoyable individual moments, the relentless repetition of each song drives an otherwise solid recording off course. 1,131 more words


Top 10 Synthwave Albums of 2017

Synthwave is on the rise. 2017 saw the release of new music from hundreds of artists, and like last year, the massive influx of new creators led to a diverse array of styles and the incorporation of musical influences never before heard in the genre. 1,208 more words


Album Review: Efence - Lost Future

The debut album from Efence is a minimal and understated effort that succeeds on the strength of its gorgeous melodies. While many synthwave creators lean toward increasingly elaborate percussion and dense compositions, Efence allows every note and beat to be meaningful. 1,000 more words


Yoko Honda

Japanese Illustrator & Designer.

An ode to the 80’s, Tokyo based illustrator and designer Yoko Honda, bring back to life the geometric designs, neon sunsets and retro landscapes of the past. 106 more words


Album Review: Lazerhawk - Dreamrider

Lazerhawk’s role as a pioneer of synthwave music is undeniable. The artist’s first two albums, 2010’s Redline and 2012’s Visitors, remain pivotal and essential contributions to the genesis of retro synthesizer music alongside releases from Miami Nights 1984, Futurecop!, Kavinsky, and College. 1,083 more words


Album Review: Overvad - Massive Scoop

It’s become equally rare and exciting to hear a classic style of synthwave performed well, especially from newcomers to the genre. In a year when several founding artists have struggled to produce quality music, Overvad provides a fresh voice and commitment to the sounds of Synthwave 1.0 the genre can use. 1,022 more words