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They just had to go ahead and ruin bacon too

Just look at this mess. You’d think that a bacon volcano encased in a crispy pastry crust would be the greatest artery-cloggingest meal ever but the ’70’s managed to turn what could have been a majestic death wish into a sad, dried-out, slumped-over cone of wretchedness. 16 more words

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This must be a Southern thing

“Git the shotgun, Maw! The Frigidaire Gators done got some new neighbors! We’s eatin’ fancy tonight!”

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Those are cheese nightmares. Don't even try to sugarcoat it, you couldn't possibly make this snack more fattening.

I don’t have time to think up a smart ass comment. I looked at this and went into immediate cardiac arrest. I’ll be at St. Mary’s starting up a hospital food blog if anyone needs me.

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Lord help me

I’ll take Stuff Served By Priests for $400, Alex!

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Chicken Liver Pate

This harks back to the days of Abigail’s Party but is so simple and delicious that I think it is worthy of a mention and isn’t retro back? 214 more words

Milk and...pimentos. Right-o.

Tastes like ass and makes your pee stink. This is what your parents make you drink if they catch you smoking.

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Cooking with Dr. Seuss and a sense of adventure

A party invitation from The Riddler that screams “What does a lolligog look like? We don’t know! If you come dressed like what you think a lolligog looks like, perhaps we’ll find out!” will either kickstart the invitee into a frenzied costume-making whirlwind or have them locking all their doors and windows, crossing the inviter’s name off the Christmas card list, and informing the authorities that they should really up the security at the local nuthouse. 65 more words

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