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Off World Interceptor Extreme (Sega Saturn)

My very first video…er, video game review. This took longer than I expected to make.


Acquisitions - Waterloo Video Game Swap, Fall 2015

A few months back I shared my experiences at past iterations of the Waterloo Video Game Swap, North America’s largest game swap event. That wonderful time of year has come round again and my collection got just a little bit bigger again. 434 more words


Organ Biker Retro Poster

Polished up a retro NES style poster, similar to what would appear on the game’s box in the late 80s and early 90s. We are waiting for final approval on Steam, and it should be up very soon.


Organ Biker Greenlit on Steam

The Organ Biker Crew got some exciting news recently…we are Greenlit for Steam! What started out as a modest project, for 2 retro gaming fans, has grown past our expectations. 60 more words


Acquisitions - Waterloo Video Game Swap, Spring 2015

Twice a year, the Video Game Collectors Community (VGCC) hosts the biggest game swap meet in North America in Waterloo, succinctly calling it the Waterloo Video Game Swap. 266 more words

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Retro Gaming Review: Retron 3 console

The Retron 3 console appears to be a grand slam – it plays Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES, and Sega Genesis games, with RGA and S-Video cables, on two wireless controllers or original gamepads. 770 more words


Kung Fu Master's Spiritual Successor: Vigilante

Vigilante was the lesser known sequel to the NES classic, Kung-Fu Master. Made by Irem in 1988 and later published by Data East in the U.S.  1,040 more words

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