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Kung Fu Master's Spiritual Successor: Vigilante

Vigilante was the lesser known sequel to the NES classic, Kung-Fu Master. Made by Irem in 1988 and later published by Data East in the U.S.  1,040 more words

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Revisiting Britannia Part I: Playing Ultima IV for the First Time in nearly 30 Years

Every gamer can easily rhyme off a list of their favorite games of all time, and for many, the top entries on the list come from somewhere in their childhood. 678 more words

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That Stupid Camera - The Challenges of Playing Retro Games

I’ve hit a noticeable obstacle to playing classic games.

This obstacle isn’t noticeable in the really old retro games. We’re not talking about the era of game consoles dominated by 2D side scrolling games. 707 more words


Gamer History: How Pinball Construction Set changed the world

The early years of computing was a heady time. Rapid innovation was common, and every generation of new hardware delivered more power, more memory, more color and more resolution. 1,347 more words

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Play:Expo - Manchester 2014

We had an absolute blast in Manchester last weekend and Play:Expo just keeps getting bigger and better with each year passing. There was so much to see and do at this year’s event and a welcome distraction  between mammoth rounds of pinball and arcade stick waggling. 33 more words

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A Gamer History Lesson: When advances in graphics really mattered

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the the state of graphics in games, and how all of the resolution & frame rate debates are mostly just silly. 637 more words

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Arcade heaven at Play:Expo

This weekend it’s the big one….well, in retro gaming terms that is rather than Skynet finally getting his or her way. Play:Expo is just a day away and in a few hours myself and my good lady will be driving to Manchester for a day of R&R (and shopping) prior getting ones game on from Saturday morning. 65 more words

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