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Top 5 Friday: The Most Iconic Underwear in Video Game History

If you’re just looking for a photo gallery of bra and panty shots, you’re in the wrong place. To find that, go literally anywhere else… 1,205 more words

Video Games

Exploring the Sega 32X - Metal Head

Originally slated to be a release game for the 32X, Metal Head was pushed back three months and instead released in February 1995. Unfortunately, the extra time wasn’t enough to polish the game’s rough edges and we are left with this unfinished product masquerading as the real deal. 708 more words


Game On Expo Recap and Thoughts

This past weekend was the first ever Game On Expo, a three day event celebrating retro video games at the Mesa Convention Center. If you’ve been following me on Twitter or have visited the site regularly in the past few weeks, then you know I was really excited for this event. 817 more words

Phoenix Happenings


LIVE FROM… well my front room. There seemed to be this time period in my teenage years where everyone owned a plastic guitar, drumkit and even a mic! 1,067 more words

Retro Gaming

Super Street Fighter Zero 2

I recently got me a copy of Street Fighter Zero 2, the Super Famicom version of Street Fighter Alpha 2. I must say, aside from the load times, which are only a few seconds, it is the best 16-bit Street Fighter that I have ever played. 280 more words


Watch "Discovering Mega Man NES" on YouTube

Episode 3 of my new show, Video game Archaeology, is live now. This week we are looking at Mega Man. Come check it out.

Don’t forget to check out the previous episodes on Earthbound and Bucky O’Hare too, and subscribe to check out all upcoming episodes. 11 more words



The Doc gets into trouble when his AEG Pack gets low

on one very important element know as Anthium. He loses control of his spaceship and gets sucked into a near by planets gravitational pull, entering the planet, he comes crashing down. 120 more words