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'SNES Classic Edition' Already Running out?

SNES Classic Edition was announced this week and it’s already running and it’s not even out yet. Scalpers have started pre-ordering multiple of these consoles. It’s started to appear on Ebay for $150-$500 which is awful but these adds are taken down by Ebay because there are 33 months left in the launch and Ebay’s policy is 30 day max. 67 more words

Retro Gaming

Retro gaming

Old school consoles are well and truly back, and far from Game Over.
Via Tech Feed http://bbc.in/2t1ErmR

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Nintendo Power Retrospectives: Part 68

This time we’re covering issue #51 of Nintendo Power for August of 1993 93 more words

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SNES Classic will lead to another retro rush on September 30

After thinking last year that there’ll be plenty of NES Classic consoles available and I could take my time on purchasing one, I was proven to be tragically wrong when it turned out that Nintendo only made enough in the world to fill the back seat of a small car. 355 more words


A bit from my personal collection – Lucasfilm Games – Puzzle/Action

Lucasfilm Games published back in 1989 and 1990 Pipe Dream and Night Shift, both really great puzzle/action games and both developed in the UK by The Assembly Line (Pipe Dream) and Attention to Detail (Night Shift). 340 more words

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Bonus Post - Steve Blower Imagine Software Art Uncovered

I didn’t realise at the time, but those glorious old Commodore VIC-20 cassette covers, that were often the primary reason for buying a game (unless you were seduced by some misleading C64 screenshots on the back), were actually real pieces of art by real artists! 208 more words

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