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Tecmo Bowl (NES) is the Retro Game of the Day for 24 May, 2016

Though I’m not a huge fan of American Football (or “handegg”, as I like to call it, because you mostly don’t use your feet to manipulate the ball, and the “ball” looks more like an egg), you have to love oversimplified, arcadey versions of sports games (see also:  66 more words

Final Fantasy Disease: A Modern-Day Plague

In a recent interview with 4Gamer, Hajime Tabata, director of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV for PlayStation 4, introduced the concept of what he refers to as “ 852 more words


Archon (Commodore 64) is the Retro Game of the Day for 23 May, 2016

Years before Battle Chess gave us baked in battle animations to liven up a game of chess, Archon: The Light and the Dark gave us a true battle chess variant that featured all sorts of fantasy creatures on a chess-like board where squares shift between light and dark, giving creatures of that alignment bonuses in an actual battle that you get to control to gain victory over a contested square.   258 more words

X-Men - SEGA Genesis - Play It! Smash It!

To celebrate X-Men: Apocalypse, the PiSi crew take on their second SEGA Genesis game, X-Men. Featuring smashing by Gambit, IceMan, Magneto, Storm and Wolverine!!!

Play It/Smash It, a show where we play shitty retro games and smash them — all for the glory of catharsis! 99 more words

Play It! Smash It!

Cosmic Ark Review

Last time on the blog we looked at Atlantis. A game that combined defending the lost city during its death throes with classic arcade action. 850 more words


I gave up on RetroArch

RetroArch seems to be considered the emulator to use these days, with everyone flocking to it and using it to the exclusion of everything else.  Tons of praise has been heaped upon it, and there seems to be this dismissive attitude of using anything else when RetroArch “just works.” 570 more words