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Retro TV Review: Star Trek TNG SSN 2 Episode Eight: A Matter Of Honor

The Klingons.  A noble, honorable and savage people whose culture, until this series, went greatly unexplored.  This is one of the episodes that really shows more of this interesting people and how one of their ships crew operates. 1,193 more words


One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus: An Intricate Puzzle That’s Both Fun and Thoughtful - Review by Cynthia Webb

One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus is an incredibly intriguing puzzle of a mystery.  Five students are in detention the afternoon that Simon, creator of a notorious gossip app, dies.  198 more words

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Toxic Hooch, Dick Football, and Oblivion-Black Humor: The Legend That Is Street Trash

Once in a blue moon, a movie comes along that provides like no other. It can contain in-depth analysis into the human psyche, a romantic tryst that inhibits the world from rotating on its axis, profound intellectual human emotions on galactic levels, and/or redemption that sustains your inner wisdom that unchains the shackles of remorse or guilt. 1,017 more words


Album Review: Daryle Singletary - 'That's Why I Sing This Way'

By the end of the 90s, Daryle’s hits had dried up at radio as the industry moved away from his pure country sound, and Giant decided to drop him from the label. 604 more words

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March to the Grave - Cemetery Man!

Hello, my sweet gargoyles and ghouls. It’s your dearly demented friend, Manic Exorcism, asking you to join me on a lovely cemetery stroll where the departed, well, they just aren’t content to rest peacefully.   1,204 more words


Retro TV Review: Star Trek TNG SSN 2 Episode Five: Loud As A Whisper

Star Trek has always been an inclusive series and has been known to have characters and episodes that celebrate the differences in all people. This episode in a prime example of how this franchise really embraces diversity of all kinds. 922 more words



I believe that some characters are clamoring to get into this world. These unruly spirits dodge all obstacles, then when given a toe-hold they stake out a broad claim and finally, in the most unsettling way, they morph far beyond what the author created. 807 more words

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