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Retro Anniversary: 50 Years of Rosemary's Baby

Standing the test of time is one of the marks of quality filmmaking. Keeping people talking about your film is also a sign that you’ve made an impact. 2,123 more words

Retro Reviews

Manic Presents Underrated Slasher Killers – 'Uncle Sam'

Horror takes many shapes and assumes various forms in order to affect us. Be it monsters, killers, or simple catastrophes, horror is there to incarnate both our deepest fears and our darkest sense of humor. 707 more words


Key Movies Of My Life: Flight of the Navigator (1986)

This was a movie that had it all, Aliens, action and Pee Wee Herman?! Well at least his voice. There are just some films that really spoke to you and others that were just plain fun.  626 more words


ShOR is Retro: '101 Dalmatians' (1996) Fails Spectacularly as a Live-Action Remake

Photo Credit: Disney

Sometimes, Disney doesn’t strike gold with their live-action remakes, such is the case with the 1996 version of 101 Dalmatians101 Dalmatians… 565 more words


Retro TV Review Sneak Peek!

Want to know what is coming up for Retro TV Review?   Well, more Star Trek TNG of course, we have a lot of ground to cover just yet.  37 more words

Star Trek The Next Generation

ShOR is Retro: 'The Fugitive' is an Intense Whodunit

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Harrison Ford can do no wrong. Not really. Ever since he burst onto the scene as Han Solo in Star Wars and then stole our hearts as Indiana Jones, Ford has been steadily carving his way into our hearts since the early seventies. 514 more words


Kubrick-athon Part 2

Barry Lyndon (1975)

Out of all the films I viewed for Kubrick-athon, this was the one I knew the least about. I didn’t know the plot, the characters, it’s release date, or even the novel it was based off of. 1,801 more words

Retro Reviews