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and below is one hand’s worth of rings…the middle ring is from somewhere in Megavissey, Cornwall, but the two others are vintage 1960s (or thereabouts) courtesy of Snoopers Paradise Brighton. 32 more words

Take the money & run

Yesterday was my last day in Corporate America, so “Take the Money & Run” by the Steve Miller Band was my theme song all day. 581 more words



There’s one (very short) scene in our short film that takes place in a bar. When I wrote it, I didn’t necessarily have any place in mind. 205 more words

Passenger Film

Pixel art showcase: [OC][CC]Please help me learn to dither! by ProbablySentient

Dithering is something I’ve always sucked at. As such I attempt to exclude it from my process as much as possible, however the benefits can be incredible when used correctly.Last night I tried to shade an asset primarily through dithering; (here it is)[http://ift.tt/1R11gg3 I think it looks a bit like arse and I would love to get some advice on how I can improve my dithering.Cheers! 8 more words

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