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Pixel art showcase: [NEWBIE] How do you guys decide your starting resolution? by m_bishop

So, I started making pixel art when I was a kid … drawing it on graph paper, and then typing it into a CoCo3 Tandy computer to make my own games.Now, 25 or so years later, I’m playing around with making Android games, and I just loved making art that way, and wanted to get back into it.I started with a burning torch (which I’ll post here in a bit), and I think I started with a bigger area to draw in than a lot of what I see here, and for a very simple piece.I feel like it should have been more like 20 pixels tall, rather than 65 … but I have no idea how to make that decision. 62 more words

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WWE games by the numbers: a stat nerd's paradise

I love wrestling games. All of them. Even the shite ones.

Wrestle War on the Mega Drive? Love it. WCW Backstage Assault on the PlayStation? Love it. 3,231 more words

Chris Scullion