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Retrochallenge 2015 01 Conclusion

When I start a Retrochallenge project, I always expect that it’s going to be something I work on steadily throughout the month, making gradual progress the whole time.  725 more words


Not Dead Yet

You may have guessed from the lack of recent updates that something has gone terribly wrong – and you’d be right.  Disaster struck when I threw my back out in a catastrophic shopping accident (I tripped while getting out of the car).  652 more words


XBee Hardware

So I have an Arduino-powered robot, and I have a Commodore 64 with an RS-232 interface.  How am I going to make these two things talk to each other?  444 more words


Figuring out Commodore 64 RS-232

Since this project was such a last-minute thing, I didn’t put any real preparation into it.  Because of that, I’m still waiting for some important parts to arrive from… 1,134 more words


Retrochallenge 2015/01

Has it been five months already?  I guess it’s time to stop slacking and come up with another Retrochallenge idea!

I’ve been looking around my office for toys I haven’t played with enough recently, and my eyes fell on… 151 more words


Retrochallenge 2014 Wrap-up

So this is the end. The Retrochallenge is over and I couldn’t meet the deadline with a complete working game as I planned and promised. 271 more words


Retrochallenge Accomplished!

It’s taken a couple of days of hard work, but I’m pleased to report that my Retrochallenge project – creating a character editor for the classic C64 RPG Questron, is completed.  391 more words