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Combat and Spellcraft

This has definitely been one of those Retrochallenges where most of my progress came at the very end of the month. I’ve been slowly working on the combat system infrastructure for a while, and a bunch of pieces finally came together in the last couple of days. 801 more words


Explore the Transputer netwerk by iSpy.

I have to borrow 2 Transputer cart’s with 2 Tranputters on each cart. I look’s me nice to see if I can connect them together to a netwerk and take a look how a program see this. 467 more words


Retrochallenge 2017/10 #7: Final report

At the beginning of the Retrochallenge, I had the following goals:

  • Make a Verilog implementation of the SP0256-AL2.
  • Synthesize and test the design on a Terasic DE0 FPGA board.
  • 137 more words

Hollywood or Dust: Episode 4 - Vitamin E

[Repairing the PSU from an SGI Iris Indigo R3000]

The postman has delivered my replacement 1N5352 zener diode (actually three of them, I figure this might take a couple of tries, and I might need another one for a subsequent repair in another 25 years). 543 more words


Thoughts on C Programming for the 6502

I’ve seen it argued online that the 6502 processor is not well suited to the C programming language – or vice versa. Working on a project like this certainly makes you sensitive to what the compiler is doing. 657 more words


64K Ought To Be Enough For Anybody

I’ve been making slow but steady progress over the last few days, but I’ve really fallen down on the blogging part of this Retrochallenge. There are a few game development topics I’ve been meaning to talk about, so I’ll try to get a few short updates out over this next weekend. 154 more words