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You've Been Served! Pluto Retrograde

April 16.2015

Pluto Retrograde
11:51 p.m. (EDT)

Under the cover of a night sky and just prior to crossing the threshhold into a new day, Pluto will station retrograde this evening. 1,235 more words

Auspicious Days

ankle biters and dirty, rotten authority figures---saturn retrograde---march 13th - august 2nd

Well guys, it is time for the Planet of Karma’s 2015 retrograde cycle.

Friday, Saturn began retracing his steps through the beginning degrees of… 913 more words


accepting the challenge---mars with jupiter/uranus/pluto---march 9th - 11th

Late last night, Aries Mars trined Leo Jupiter Rx and then, in the wee hours of the morning, he conjuncted Uranus. Tomorrow, the God of War will square Capricorn Pluto. 444 more words


third time's the charm---aquarius mercury sextile sagittarius saturn---feb 19th

Ok, Mercury and Saturn sextile today.

This is the third and final time these two meet in this manner due to the recent Mercurial retrograde in Aquarius… 127 more words


Mercury Direct Station February 11, 2015

No doubt some of you are wondering about the details of the Mercury Direct Station of February 11, 2015.  We have much to say about it because a number of patterns are in play, and the maps are interesting.   1,562 more words


The Wisdom of Princess Anna

Today we have a week left in Mercury’s current retrograde period and a full moon. Both portent optimal times to release that which no longer serves you. 282 more words

mercury rx sextile uranus/south node---jan 27th

On his way backward through Aquarius, Mercury Retrograde is meeting up with Aries Uranus conjunct the South Node, Tuesday, the 27th, when the three sextile at the 13º. 180 more words