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May Horoscopes

In May, everyone’s a spy! You’ll be swimming backwards through an underground river and nothing is what it seems, especially you. What to pack: Decoder ring, invisible ink, book of spells, sunscreen and a sharp third eye. 1,570 more words

Reviewing the Retrograde

Not as unusual as you may think.
So five or more planets retrograde at the same time… This happens more often than not, so it’s pretty normal, just like each year you get the different seasons, some are more extreme than others, some impact you more personally. 652 more words

Get Your Audio Guides to Saturn and Mars Retrograde

This year, Saturn and Mars go retrograde in Sagittarius within three weeks of each other. The retrograde cycles are a call to re-order and re-assess priorities, and each planet requires a different approach to its call inside. 72 more words

Saturn In Sagittarius

Weekly Tarot Guidance – May 2 through 8, 2016 « Tarot by Cecelia

This is the only full week of the much-hyped five retrograde planets.  It’s a doozie!

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Source: Weekly Tarot Guidance – May 2 through 8, 2016 « Tarot by Cecelia

The Journey

Judith Dagley - Entering MAY, 2016 – Five Planets Stop To Ask - “Are You SURE?” - 4-27-16

Judith Dagley   –   Entering MAY, 2016   –   Five Planets Stop To Ask   –   “Are You SURE?”   –   4-27-16 * Segment 2.

“It really is dramatic, the way five planets are literally stoppng in their tracks, the last of which is Mercury who is stationing as I write. 53 more words

Five planets retrograde - time to clean house and power up ~ Dana Mrkich: Energy Intuitive, Author, Teacher, Speaker

For the first time in a decade, we have 5 planets retrograde at the same time. You might be reading a lot about how this time is all about pausing and not being able to get much done, but actually from a Soul perspective this is going to be a hugely productive time. 2,734 more words

The Journey

Master Class 101

Freedom loving Sagittarius has been hosting “Larger than Life” Saturn (rules, restrictions and limitations) for quite some time now. Wherever you’ve been feeling restricted, most likely Saturn is at work. 306 more words