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Venus Retrograde

There;s certainly no denying Venus Retrograde is here to stay and shake things up until September 5.

The term Retrograde refers to a planet’s backward motion, moving in reverse direction through the zodiac. 1,384 more words


Loosening Its Hold-Saturn Stations Direct!

Saturn Stations Direct

The planetary energy that is the controlling structure of Saturn has begun the process of loosening its grip as it stations direct Aug. 237 more words


Feeling Retrograde Ourselves: late July 2015

Oh! Venus and Uranus are just sitting there, at 00 Virgo and 20 Aries, respectively–and if you’ve got anything in the region (no more than a degree or two either side) of 00 of the Mutables or 20 of the Cardinals, then it may have been a little like having an elephant make himself comfortable on your lap–so, not comfortable at all. 420 more words


Unprecedented Blue Moon in Aquarius: Now or Never


On Friday, July 31st we will have a Full Blue Moon in the sign of Aquarius.

A blue moon is the term for the second full moon in the same month. 146 more words

weekend, now---pivots and action points---june 12th - 14th

So, Mercury is now direct!! Neptune is now retrograde; Saturn is hovering at the zero degree. Jupiter and Uranus are still givin’ the good vibes from their fiery thrones and the Sun and Mars are of one mind in Gemini. 112 more words


care for some leo?---venus in the sign of the lion---june 5th - oct. 8th

If Leo isn’t your cup of tea, well, then I don’t know what to tell you, ’cause we’ve got lots of the Lion for the whole Summer and on into Fall!! 339 more words


Mercury retrograde May/June 2015

Time to reflect

Mercury retrograde occurs three times (sometimes four) a year. It slows down, appears to stop and go backwards. ‘Appears’ is the key word here, as this movement is an illusion. 392 more words