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Cool Plunge: 2018 Astrology Overview

Something about this past full moon and this January 1st was intensely aligned and organized, which is calming. The beginning of our new year lined up with a strong lunation, on a Monday, a moon day, the beginning of the week. 1,831 more words

Astrology Lessons

Rekindling Hope! Full Moon in Aries

October 5.2017
Full Moon in Aries

The Harvest Moon glows brightly and large in the night sky on Thursday in the astrological sign of Cardinal Fire, Aries. 864 more words


Making the Most of Mercury Retrograde

Have a listen to this fifty minute dialogue on how to make the most of Mercury retrograde from a healing or therapeutic perspective between my dear friend and colleague, Delia Shargel and myself. 52 more words

Archetypal Astrology

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Full Moon in Pisces 9/6

oHey everyone,

It’s that time again! The full moon in Pisces happened at 12.03am MST on September 6, which means that it happened late the 5th on the west coast in the USA. 769 more words


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I don’t know how much stock I put into the retrograde stuff, astrology wise. I love astrology, don’t get me wrong! But there’s something about knowing some of the astronomical science behind “retrograde” that makes me second guess some stuff. 425 more words


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Planet Post Up - Full Moon in Pisces, Mercury Direct, Alignment of Moon and Neptune

A lot going on at the start of September. And it all can lead to an eerie feeling of strange synchronicity.

There’s a Full Moon at 13 degrees Pisces on September 6.   519 more words

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