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A swift flooding. Swallowed up, from seemingly nowhere. The veil dissolves. A wash over my face. The collective lung. Grieving for what once was. The last gasp for air. 1,609 more words


13 June 2016 Focus On: Neptune Retrograde + Revealing Words

Of course, our old friend Neptune has been virtually motionless late in the 11th degree and early in the 12th of Pisces for some time now; we may have worked this energy and its impact into our own chart through its contacts (or lack of them, isolating this massive dose of inspiration, confusion, spiritual enlightenment, and energy-suckage in matters of the House its transiting), and convinced ourselves things may always stay that way. 548 more words


10 June 2016 A Drink From the Cauldron

Mars, still on his backward course, offers us a drink from the cauldron; do we accept? From his place in Scorpio, the Warrior could be offering us a potion that makes us choose and act from emotion, and so probably not respond in our own best interests; he could also proffer a potion that urges us to dig deep (and whether that’s beneficial or not is a personal matter), and he almost certainly puts us in a position of… 314 more words