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Video Comparison Of All The Changes Made To The Original Star Wars Trilogy

These 4 videos show all the changes that George Lucas made to his Star Wars movies after they were released. Being that I wasn’t even born when the originals came out, I was still a kid when these changes were made and actually enjoyed them. 134 more words


Star Wars Saga - Ranked

By Shane Ongley

Next up in my series of rankings is Star Wars, with The Force Awakens coming out later this year it felt like the right time to rank the 6 movies we have now. 858 more words


FAN THEORY: Captain Rex's Final Fight?

Could the famous clone commander CT-7567, better known as Captain Rex, have survived not only the Clone Wars, but also the Galactic Civil War, to fight for the Rebellion in the Battle of Endor? 783 more words

Star Wars Original Trilogy Changes: Darth Vader's "Noooooooo!"

Another very controversial change, that I actually don’t mind (I even thought it was necessary) was Darth Vader’s “Noooooo!” As I try in vain to get you to see the positive side of the change, let’s delve into this in more detail. 420 more words

Star Wars


Counting down the 142 days until The Force Awakens on December 18, 2015.

In the days leading up to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens,  83 more words

Star Wars

Dark-Side Luke Skywalker, "Darth Zoon"

A few months ago, our artists got curious about what would have happened if Luke had turned to the Dark Side, either by killing his father as the Emperor had suggested, or by teaming up with his Father and overthrowing the Emperor as Vader had proposed during their duel in Cloud City. 672 more words

Star Wars Black: Princess Leia in Boushh Disguise by Hasbro

I’m working to get caught up on a lot of figures lying around here before new stuff starts piling up on top of it and I need to call in an archaeologist to dig my way out. 1,114 more words