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The Man, The Myth, The Skywalker

One of the most common critiques of The Last Jedi is the portrayal of one Luke Skywalker. The cries of “That’s not my Luke Skywalker,” have become almost as common as a porg at a Wookie barbecue. 825 more words

Brandon Boylan

Luke Skywalker: The Jacket

Friends, I finished the Return of the Jedi jacket. It isn’t perfect because the fit in the shoulders is just a liiiiittle bit off and it is a tad short but I don’t even CARE! 698 more words


The Defining Moments of Han Solo

Han Solo is one of the greatest characters that has ever appeared in Star Wars. In fact he is the character that put Harrison Ford on the map and helped make him into the iconic actor that he is today. 2,090 more words

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My Thirteen Favorite Quotes in 'Star Wars'

Star Wars is a marvelous and magical franchise jam packed with exciting moments, beautiful locations, and iconic, lovable characters and today I’m going to share with you my favorite quotes from the various films’ many hilarious and epic moments. 2,111 more words



The definition of a bookworm in a dictionary is ‘Someone who reads a lot’.  I was expecting it to be worded in a somewhat more flowery fashion but it’s accurate and in a dictionary I suppose accuracy is what you’re looking for. 810 more words

Top 10 Original Trilogy Moments

Carrying on our look back over the best moments of Star Wars, our travels now take us back to where all the magic began for many fans. 1,130 more words



One of the great things about the release of a new Star Wars film is the amount of fan discussion it will generate. This year with… 737 more words

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