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The Weird World of WATCH AND WEAR!

I love talking about the ’80s for nostalgic reasons of course, but more and more I find that I like talking about that decade because I’m awed at just how archaic it seems now; compared to today’s Instant Everything culture where omnipotence is just a click away, the 1980s feel downright Paleolithic.  501 more words


They Won't Stay Dead: A Look at Return of the Living Dead Part II

I was just sitting down looking at the information about the movie I was putting a review together for called shockwaves. It’s a pretty interesting nazi Zombie movie which just so happens to be directed by the same guy who directed Return of the Living dead 2 which I did a review for a couple weeks ago. 97 more words


Return of the Living Dead 2

This is a movie review I’ve been dreading doing for some time. Partly because it would mean sitting down to watch this movie again and partly because I’ve already mentioned quite a bit about it in other posts. 492 more words


Movie Review: Return Of The Living Dead: Part 2 (1988)

Written by The Disc

Scary looking cover huh? Strange…

So how do you follow up a successful zombie movie that combined laughs, punk rock edginess, some serious gore & a helping of nude Linnea Quigley? 806 more words

The Disc

Fear By Year: The Dead Walktober #06 - Return of The Living Dead 2 (1988)

If you want to know what this series is all about, check out my introduction to The Dead Walktober. This is the sixth episode of that series. 34 more words



This is without a doubt one of the most dangerous and worst ideas for killing a zombie I’ve ever seen. But guess what? I’ve actually seen this in a zombie movie. 383 more words

How To Stop A Zombie


This is a rarely used method but was the big shocker (get it?) at the end of the second Return of the Living Dead movie. A hoard of zombies got taken out by electrocuting them at the local power plant after they’d been lured in. 116 more words