The Dirty Secret

Or, ‘Clinicians, what have you done to Pilates?’

“We only hire experienced Physiotherapists trained in Pilates to teach in our Pilates studios: we dig the bloke that started it, but can’t understand how you’d let anyone who can’t relate your pain and pathology to your problem come anywhere near you!”  1,390 more words
Joseph Pilates

a hard knot of ignorance

The central features of a self are its sense of agency and its autobiographical memory, and I generally think of these as inherent in and specific to one organism.   404 more words

Is there too much flexion in Pilates? Part 2

Firstly, thank you to everyone who read Part 1 – something about this topic clearly resonated because more people have viewed that post than any other that I’ve written (no, it’s not saying much, but ‘from little acorns’ etc…) 1,583 more words

Joseph Pilates

Is there too much flexion in Pilates?

Related to, and along with “we now know more than Pilates did“, ‘too much flexion’ seems to be another observation/statement about the original Pilates repertoire that frequently goes unchallenged. 819 more words

Joseph Pilates

Returning to Life or Raja'ah

Q: What is your opinion with respect to the concept of al-Raj’ah – the Return (of the Ma’soomeen (AS)) – where does this concept originate from, and which one of the Ma’soomeen is it applicable to? 118 more words


Getting Caught Up

Hey Everyone!!!!

So today, I decided to do the blogging challenges again.  I figure I better keep up with my quota for continuing at least once a week in the blogging department.  472 more words



This subject may have been done to death, but the last post that I wrote garnered reaction from a number of people, specifically in relation to my writing that “I may have uttered the phrase ‘neutral spine’ at some point in my life” (as if that were a bad thing). 1,428 more words

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