Can you hear your body?

The longer I teach, the more bizarre the exhortation “listen to your body” seems to be, to me. Of course, I understand why teachers of movement might say this, or rather, (I think) I understand what they would like to convey. 896 more words

Joseph Pilates

Becoming a better Pilates teacher*

I often think that becoming a Pilates teacher is like learning to drive (though it’s a different driving test now than the one I experienced in the 1990s) – you learn the manual, practice the tricky stuff, hopefully pass the test and then, once you’re on your own, you actually learn how to drive. 839 more words

Joseph Pilates

Do's & Don'ts when teaching men Pilates

My only qualification for writing this is my Y chromosome, there may well be influence of my own neurotransmitter preferences on my views, so while this is written as if I’m speaking for my gender as a whole, please note that different viewpoints may be available. 493 more words

Joseph Pilates

Seed of God

If we go to death with him

We shall return to life with him

If we go down with him

We shall rise up with him… 22 more words


My love preceded me in death

On one hand I stayed behind

And waited for him to return to life

On the other hand

I could not wait… 37 more words

Escribir tu Propio Libro Sobre Pilates ¿Por qué no?

Siempre es un placer recibir y contestar correos de compañeros instructores o practicantes de pilates que además son lectores del blog. En la medida de mis posibilidades trato de orientaros en relación a posibles dudas, consultas e incluso para… 1,004 more words

Herramientas Pilates

Thoughts on 'A Movement of Movement'

This is part review (I hope it’s helpful), and partly and attempt for me to analyse why I felt so frustrated and, ultimately, irritated by watching “A Movement of Movement’. 719 more words

Joseph Pilates