Do you workout, or do you work out?

The longer I teach, the more interested I become in the use of, and the meaning or implication of specific words or phrases (I was called out, quite rightly, last week for saying, in response to my client’s effort to achieve the position I was asking for “We’ll settle for that” which, of course, sounds a lot like “that’s shit but probably the bets we can hope for just now”. 959 more words

Joseph Pilates

The awesome responsibility of a Pilates professional

I’ve made attempts in the past to write about what it means to be a Pilates teacher and, happily, my understanding has grown in the last few years such that it seems worth revisiting. 1,743 more words

Joseph Pilates

William Freeman finds help at Encore Rehabilitation-Vernon

When William Freeman received an injury to his elbow, he knew where he wanted to go for rehab, Encore Rehabilitation-Vernon, Alabama.

William shares, “I was pleased with the results I had from the last time I had shoulder surgery. 27 more words

Douglas Wright - Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation - Columbiana

After his knee surgery, Douglas Wright needed to have rehabilitation. He chose Encore Rehabilitation of Columbiana because of the convenient location. He has been coming to Encore for five weeks. 26 more words

Pilates and Weight Loss

Has Pilates something to do with weight loss? From one perspective we could say YES, because Pilates can for good transform your body. But NO, on the other hand, you won’t regain your teenage shape, at least not completely. 323 more words


Return to life through Contrology

Joseph Pilates, the inventor of the method that has actually  his name, was a genius. He wrote but a small book wearing the title of ‘ 333 more words


Can you hear your body?

The longer I teach, the more bizarre the exhortation “listen to your body” seems to be, to me. Of course, I understand why teachers of movement might say this, or rather, (I think) I understand what they would like to convey. 896 more words

Joseph Pilates