Escribir tu Propio Libro Sobre Pilates ¿Por qué no?

Siempre es un placer recibir y contestar correos de compañeros instructores o practicantes de pilates que además son lectores del blog. En la medida de mis posibilidades trato de orientaros en relación a posibles dudas, consultas e incluso para… 1,004 more words

Herramientas Pilates

Thoughts on 'A Movement of Movement'

This is part review (I hope it’s helpful), and partly and attempt for me to analyse why I felt so frustrated and, ultimately, irritated by watching “A Movement of Movement’. 719 more words

Joseph Pilates

Charnel House by Graham Masterton

I know that I have been pretty AWOL in terms of writing in my blog. I recently got accepted into a Master’s program in Neuroscience and I’ve been super busy with moving and getting settled into my research position here. 301 more words


Why are you even doing Pilates?

Or: ‘Should your Pilates teacher be able to do a pull up?’

(If you’re time-poor, or just don’t have the patience to read all that follows, the answer is: Yes, they should.) 409 more words

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Your words DO matter!

A while ago I posted an article whose title asked Pilates teachers not to use the word “core”. Setting aside the appropriateness or otherwise of someone with no status in the Pilates world making such requests, I found some of the responses very interesting. 900 more words

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"Motion is Primary"

More thoughts on Evolve Move Play,

inspired by an interview with Jaap Van der Wal.

I love it when two apparently distinct activities or experiences in my life seem to converge into a coherent whole. 434 more words

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Pilates teacher? Please don't say "core". Ever again.

Unless you’re referring to apples, or microchips.

I was listening to Eyal Lederman discussing his article “The Myth of Core Stability” yesterday. I have taken issue with his article before now, for various reasons, not least because the article is essentially rubbishing something which Dr Lederman fails to define – without a clear definition, rubbishing the concept becomes rather easy. 735 more words

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