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Comparing & Contrasting Shared Media Websites on Facebook and Twitter

I really enjoyed comparing the most shared social media sites on Facebook and Twitter. I follow many of these sites already and find their content very interesting, but I never knew that they were considered the most shared. 1,026 more words

Semester 1

How Not To Get Retweeted

As an entrepreneur, when I write a blog post, my objective is to get other people to read it and take something away from it. Sometimes this happens simultaneously and sometimes I don’t get many views at all. 272 more words

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Top 10 Ways Irish People Can Get Their Tweets Retweeted

Twitter is the essential platform for the distribution of content for Irish SMEs. Unlike Facebook Twitter is an open network thus the reach capability of your content is far larger than just those who chose to like your Facebook page.  514 more words

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Yes, I’ve been very quiet on the blog lately. I do apologize. I’ve been busy with work, life and all that jazz. Still no news on my application. 683 more words


Thirty Flying Hexagons

When I tweet a link to this blog-post as @robertlovespi, it will likely be quickly retweeted by @hexagonbot, simply because of the term “hexagon” being included in the tweet. 37 more words