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New Omaha: Swartz's Delicatessen

Rendering of the new Swartz’s Delicatessen.

Mizman loh hitraehnu

For those of us who have longed for a real deal Jewish delicatessen to open in Omaha, I’ve heard from a little bird in the know, that we are all in for a big treat. 535 more words

Maker & Monger

Flaming Reubens in the making

Flaming Reuben

(artisan rye bread, mustard, home made sauerkraut, Cape Grim brisket pastrami, cheese)


All American

(2 American cheddars, onions, parsley, artisan sourdough, cultured butter) 107 more words


The Reuben Experiment

I recently embarked on a hair-brained food project halfway between a Michael Pollan novel and an urban homesteader’s fantasy. I made a reuben sandwich entirely from scratch. 960 more words


Speedboat Bar & Grill

Last week, some co-workers and I went out to celebrate a promotion. I have always heard that Speedboat Bar & Grill had good food so I was excited when I heard we were meeting up here. 457 more words

Vegetarian Reuben

The Reuben sandwich is purported to have come from the former Reuben’s Delicatessen in New York City in 1914. The is a Vegetarian version created by Todd Ginsberg. 211 more words


How Many Days Until St. Patrick's Day?

How many days until St. Patrick’s Day?  Go to James E. McNellie’s Pub, and you will quickly learn.  The countdown to the Irish Festival is on at both their restaurant and website.  313 more words

Restaurant Review

Eat here: Cheerio Cafe, Melbourne (café/brunch)

Cheerio Cafe
323 Lennox St, Richmond

Long weekends are great opportunities to squeeze in extra brunch dates, and this long weekend, brunch we did. Sunday saw husband and I pass through Richmond on our way to a movie at the Jam Factory, and we decided to stop at Cheerio for a late breakfast after seeing it’s very high ratings on Zomato. 333 more words

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