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This is what happens when you try to imitate NMH. Just don’t, please. 6/10.


CJ McMahon On His Return To Thy Art Is Murder: "I Will Stand As A King With My Brothers For The Rest Of Time"

It was previously announced that CJ McMahon had returned to Thy Art Is Murder. Now the vocalist has offered his own statement on the reunion, which you can read in the below Instagram post: 139 more words


Sideways, I Find Myself

Sideways, I find myself

With tilted views through unfocused lense

As skies pour from glass pitchers, upwards they fall

Puddles form overhead, waiting for children’s feet to take flight and land, splashing laughter below… 28 more words


Finding Love Again

The so-called Country Hotel was located in the center of town. Dreary, gray, depressing place, but it’s where Janice said to meet. He’d been in worse. 233 more words

Short Story

All The Time In The World by windsofdawn

Over time finding her family had begun to take a back seat to just surviving and living to see another day. She had to face the fact that she may never find them. 30 more words

Bethyl Fanfiction

The Reunion


Judy Wills


Have you ever been to a family reunion? Ever heard of families having a reunion? My family has never really had one. 535 more words

Judy Wills-Sunday Memories