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legendary yeti hunters

Somewhere between 28,000 and 35,000 feet in the air, Tasha, the United Airlines flight attendant with perfectly placed hot-pink lipstick, brought me a lukewarm cup of airplane coffee (read: sludgy, ground-heavy brews) along with a can of soda water. 1,396 more words

Meeting and catching up: Pilgrims Reunions 2015-16

“These little things are the ones that make the world a better place”

When a Pilgrims course comes to an end, it’s a sad truth that it’ll be difficult to see all the people you’ve met again (specially if they are from another country).

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Rage Against The Machine Seem To Be Teasing A Major Reveal Coming Soon

Are Rage Against the Machine plotting a comeback? We don’t know for certain, but there’s definitely some bread crumbs out there that would lead a person to think that yes, maybe they are. 314 more words


Perceptions and Reunions

This post slightly goes along with my post about Last Days of Teaching. At least in the sense that someone may perceive you one way and they could be completely and utterly wrong. 992 more words

Reunited And It Feels So Good, Or Bad

Many people like to connect with their past. Finding old friends via Facebook, attending high school and college reunions, perhaps even falling in love again with first loves. 879 more words

Family reunion t-shirt design and local sourcing

At the April CIGS meeting, I asked if anyone could recommend a reliable T- Shirt vendor; I got no real answers. During the month of April, I’d ask random people if they could recommend a good t- shirt vendor; no real answers (several people used to bowl with a guy who does shirts though :-) ). 396 more words

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