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Michael's Poem

I’m a man of our country

I would dare not slay a tree.
Never did I break a law.
So where, dear Bryan, are my plastic straws. 31 more words


Britain's War Against Plastic

By Haylie May

Recently the Queen of England has called a war against plastic.

After working side by side with Sir David Attenborough on a documentary featuring wildlife in the Commonwealth, the Queen has decided to form a new waste plan to use throughout the royal estates. 349 more words

Challenge: March Against Straws

The everlasting, white snow is melting away and the brown grass is beginning to turn green! At least for me in Wisconsin, we are beginning to see days above freezing and I cannot wait to start doing some more outdoor activities! 657 more words


Recycle and Reuse

Before our trip to India people warned me about how we might find the poverty disturbing. We went to Kerala in the South West, as one of the more affluent parts of India we didn’t notice terrible poverty. 377 more words


The Four R's

Adults around the world have been learning all of their life, so that leaves plenty of information to get pushed to the back burner, or even forgotten altogether. 906 more words

The Home Office: Threads

I recently made the decision to leave my beloved job, and finally take the plunge to try living as a freelance writer and artist before I’m burdened with a mortgage or offspring. 452 more words

Focus: Requirements Reuse


Requirements is what to feed engineering processes. As such they are to be presented under a wide range of forms, and nothing should be assumed upfront about forms or semantics. 677 more words

Enterprise Architecture