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Ok so this was a complete accident! I was cutting up some old pop socks to use in my self watering containers, and I as I cut off the elastic neck of the sock, it pinged off the table and onto the floor, at which point my cat came sliding across the floor and seized her new toy. 80 more words


Reuse Recycled Repurposed Refurnished Reclaimed Wood Timber

Home being demolished 1890s when built

Home being demolished 1890s when built

Home being demolished 1890s when built

Home being demolished 1890s when built

Mill Cut Reclaimed Wood Pine 1890s… 459 more words


Wear the clothes you have

As far as we develop our machines and our industries, there is one industry that is still, very labour intensive: The clothing industry.From your winter coat, to your summer bikini. 331 more words


On An Axis...

I have been looking for maps to complete a pirate playhouse in our backyard. I am still on the hunt. But, I did find a couple compelling things at a vintage shop in downtown Tacoma called Urban Squirrel. 171 more words

Not New Thread

For a long time I’ve been dangerously low on thread (other than travel-sized pieces). My patchwork denim reupholstery project has been on hold for a couple of months now, and this weekend it was time to be more active in replenishing my supply. 368 more words

Buy Nothing New

EZ squeezes Save Cash, Help Go Green and are great for Parents

EZ Squeezees are a refillable and reusable food pouch with a large zippered side for easy, mess-free filling. Just fill with your kiddo┬╣s favorite puree (or applesauce), zip, let them eat and enjoy, then wash and reuse. 194 more words

Green Business