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Most store bought jam is not vegan as it likely contains gelatin which is typically made from beef bones and pig skin which used to be a major bummer because I love jam. 167 more words

Waste not, want not

Recently, through talking to my friend Life by Liza, I have become very aware of the environment and how we can help by making small changes to our every day lives. 687 more words

Steps to Start Living Eco-Friendly - The Time is Now

No matter who you voted for we need to work together. No matter your opinion on global climate change (even though opinions aren’t facts… 1,219 more words

The Monday Minstrel: Horse Shoe Art

I visited the local feed store one Saturday afternoon and just outside the store was a man selling handcrafts. All of the pieces were made from used horse shoes!  64 more words

The Monday Minstrel

How to make DIY heart hoop earrings from old metallic bangles

Making your own hooped earrings is so much easier than most people think. Classic hoop earrings are a wardrobe staple that will never go out of style. 347 more words


Some Thoughts on Pollution

This is more of a photo-essay than anything. And it’s a bit off-topic considering I usually talk about books and coffee and my love of books and coffee. 400 more words


Pave the Way

Be the person you want to be,

Be a role model for future generations not a reflection of past,

Leave the world in the condition you found it or better, 10 more words