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Orange Chicken

Making a little citrus cleaner. Had my peels hanging out in the freezer until I had enough.  Add white vinegar, let sit a few weeks and I’ll have a nice citrus all purpose cleaner for little cost. 28 more words


Ocean is lifeblood of our planet.

Over one hundred years ago, this monster was born. This powerful monster has been very defying and impossible to kill. The demon is composed of petro–chemicals and synthetic compounds that can mold and take any solid shapes. 204 more words


How To Start Fresh And Stay Safe With A New Device

The New Year signals the kickoff of the great gadget migration, when our once-beloved devices become hand-me-downs. Reusing perfectly good electronics is always better than trashing them, but it is important to take a few sensible, yet crucial precautions… 941 more words


Get Rid of It!!! Day 300

Sadly, I do not have a photo today…but I have a list of things that went goodbye!

Diaper Genie!!! I just got one as a hand me down, but I have no room for it and plus, that is what the garbage can is for. 220 more words


Bottle reused as a cupholder

Here is a simple and surprising recycle/reuse of a bottle. Recently, I went into the bathroom to discover that my wife had reused a bottle as a couple. 66 more words


One small step to reducing plastic waste

As of 1st October 2015, England was the final country in the UK to introduce a 5p charge for plastic bags. However, instead of going the whole hog like Scotland and Wales, England has typically done a mediocre job by only introducing the levy on large stores that hire over 250 full-time staff. 173 more words