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This new battery runs on seawater : TreeHugger

There have been so many new approaches to batteries lately that it’s hard to keep track of them all, but most of them have one thing in common: they are all cheaper and safer than lithium-ion batteries.Listen, lithium-ion batteries are the best we’ve got on the market right now. 422 more words


Simple Green Tip: Reusable Shopping Bags

Many of us have them, but we often forget to take them into the store, making it seem silly that we got any in the first place. 406 more words


A Trip Through Vintage Scandinavia

Whether it’s the simple, sleek and minimalist home design you can find at your local IKEA or the attention current pop culture is giving to the vibrant history of the Vikings (think Ragnar Lothbrok and his band of warriors sporting their amazing man buns), there’s no denying the rising popularity of all things Scandinavian. 220 more words


Lets be real, the amount of days where I cannot be bothered dressing up, and end up reverting to the ‘I appear like I’m being fit wearing my workout clothes, when in truth no workout will actually happen today’ look happens more often than what I do actually manage to work out per week. 215 more words


Waste Photoshoot

So I came back from Sri Lanka last week – in the middle of February – and found that someone had discarded their Christmas tree across the road from where I live. 18 more words

Make less trash [Guide]

Make less waste to eventually shift the way manufactures design and create stuff until we live in a circular economy (zero waste). Follow this simple guide to start small and eventually change your lifestyle.

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Conscious Living

Make less trash [Guide]

Zero waste doesn’t mean producing or consuming nothing. It’s about carefully and intentionally designing, producing, and consuming without waste as an end product.

“We make less waste and eventually when we can shift the way manufactures design and create stuff (and we have the infrastructure to recover) then we will live in a circular economy (zero waste) and that word zero will actually mean zero. 240 more words

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