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Urban centres in India are facing severe environmental challenges due to rapid urbanization and increasing industrialization. Some examples include the formation of smog-causing air pollution in Delhi and the toxic water of the Yamuna River. 510 more words

Clean Technology

12 ways to reduce food storage waste

It is no surprise: a lot of waste waltzes into our homes with the food that we buy and how we store it. It can be overwhelming and frustrating to deal with the mess of packaging that should be the responsibility of the companies selling the product. 744 more words

Zero Waste Living

Week #5: Reusable Cloth Napkins

Photo by William Rouse

Cloth napkins – the stuff of fine dining and dinner parties, right? At least that is what I have always associated them with. 499 more words

Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose


I have certainly become a lot more aware of my environment. I like to call it being eco- conscious. With all the hype around removing single use plastics and switching to paper straws and ditching take away coffee cups for re-usable ones, something inside me yearned to do more. 632 more words

Reusing Soup Cans

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This is why you should re-use your soup cans, recycle them when you can’t, and keep AVOIDING plastics.

Aluminum has it’s upsides and downsides. 566 more words

What is beautiful? Eastern ideas for Western times

Have you ever looked at someone and thought how beautiful they are, and then they adamantly start telling you how much they dislike their (fill in the blank)? 557 more words



So… This is the truth; I’m a messy person, and chaos is my middle name. So when I cook… I usually open a new bag of rice or pasta and forget all about it till it falls from my overcrowded kitchen shelves. 116 more words