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Disney World's 'Gay Days' Protested By One Million Moms

Disney World’s ‘Gay Days’ Protested By One Million Moms.

“Rev. Don Wildmon’s American Family Association headquartered on the ‘Dark Side’ of Tupelo, MS and listed as an American hate organization has been on Disney’s case for years as Disney has always welcomed gays and all other American citizens to their entertainment center. 95 more words

Dark Side Tupelo Mississippi

Spotlighting The Dark Side Of Tupelo MS:Don Wildmon's Tax-Subsidized AFA

Spotlighting The Dark Side Of Tupelo, MS: Don Wildmon’s Tax-Subsidized AFA

by Brian Tashman, RWW, 12-30-11, Re-posted link by AlBratt 1-1-12  

Gingrich, Wildmon And Garlow Hold Conference Call With Iowa Pastors As Caucus Approaches. 103 more words

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Homophobic AFA Don Wildmon Endorses Gingrich

the homophobic rev. don wildmon founder of afa endorses gingrich in iowa but romney rises shortly thereafter. wildmon said he was using his influence in iowa for gingrich’s benefit. 9 more words

Rick Perry's "Ponzi Scheme" Babble: Whoops, Again!

HP, Sept. 24, 2011

GOP Administrator Al Cardenas:

“Cardenas said that while many Republicans agree with Perry that Social Security needs to be reformed, the Texan’s rhetoric about the program being a “Ponzi scheme” was ill-advised.”

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Dark Side Tupelo Mississippi