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Johnny Came Home book trailer

Follow this link to view the book trailer for Johnny Came Home: A John Lazarus Adventure.


Johnny Came Home

Johnny Came Home is Now Available on Smashwords

Well, my 3 month term with Amazon’s KDP Select is over. While I’ve given away a lot of free Kindle books , I’m not sure that trading exclusivity with the world’s largest e-retailer was worth sacrificing a broader distribution base. 116 more words

Johnny Came Home

A Free Kindle Book for the End of the World

The Mayan Long Calendar ends on December 21, 2012 and everyone’s seeing that as a sign of an impending Apocalypse. Well, not everyone. The Mayans were actually looking forward to it as something of a Golden Age per some scholars. 341 more words

Johnny Came Home

Another 5-Star Amazon Review: A Wounded, Reluctant & Super-Charged Hero!

Allan Reini, author of Flight of the Angels, has offered this long and thoughtful review on Amazon:

“From its opening line, Johnny Came Home draws you into the world of its reluctant, damaged, and super-charged hero. 939 more words

Johnny Came Home

Read Excerpts of Johnny Came Home & Mann from Midwich on Wattpad

Starting now, you can read excerpts of Johnny Came Home and John Lazarus: Mann from Midwich at http://wattpad.com/TonyBreeden.

The Johnny Came Home preview covers the first 5 1/2 chapters of the book… just enough whet your appetite for the whole thing, but just enough to see why reviewers are calling it action-packed and saying that they couldn’t put it down and that they can’t wait for the sequel. 108 more words

Johnny Came Home

Another 5-Star Amazon Review: Birth of a New Class of Hero

“Tony Breeden has created an adventure that addresses many of the most important issues that face every generation. Johnny Came Home teaches lessons on responsibility, acceptance, exclusion, & loyalty from a Godly perspective. 24 more words

Johnny Came Home

Our Newest 5-Star Amazon Review

“This was an awesome book with a mixture of action and personal relationships. It included sound biblical truths without being preachy. It definitely leaves you wanting a followup. 34 more words

Johnny Came Home