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Living Space Revamp Ideas: Install Motorized Shades from Philadelphia

In this modern world, convenience is the name of the game. It’s easier than ever to get what you need, from food and entertainment to transportation. 149 more words


I keep trying to make a blog and I keep failing. I’ve realized it’s because I don’t write about myself. That may sound like an incredibly selfish thing to say, and maybe it is. 391 more words

The lights are on, but no-one's home

It’s been raining today, and once again, the marina WIFI has failed.
Actually it went off-line Friday afternoon, though we have not had to report it this time as several of the other boat owners, liveaboards or not, have gone up to the office and asked for it to be reset. 761 more words

Life Afloat

Do you ever...?

Do you ever get a nagging sensation to share your thoughts?

I’ve been toying with posting for the past few days because I’m super thrilled on what’s to come regarding the Continue Online series; professional editing and the release of the final book to Amazon in early January. 291 more words

First Re:Guards


Hello faithful readers!!

I am sure you have noticed there have been some changes here on the blog! We are going through a season of change. 200 more words

12 Twenty 8

Well-Dressed Distress

My brother’s wedding is this week and that means last minute touch-ups and finalizing are in order.

My soon-to-be sister-in-law had a wonderful idea to use a bird cage. 156 more words