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Inspiration: Knights of the Old Republic

Sundays, I’ve decided to do something a little bit different than what I post on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Instead of taking about my process or the journey of writing my novel(s), I’ve decided to touch a bit on the sort of things that inspire me and discuss why exactly I find them so inspiring in the first place. 1,291 more words

Star Wars

Angers Angle: For all who think the EU is "dead"

Hello everyone. My name is Marc. This will be my first entry on the site. I hope you enjoy. 460 more words

Diary Expansion...

Dearest Nerds…

I’m excited to tell you about two new fan pages we’ve created in order to bring all aspects of the Force to you…more or less.   72 more words

Video Games, the Escapist Character, and a Bunch of Thoughts

I’ve previously explored the concept of the escapist character and how they relate to the audience. Characters like James Bond and Indiana Jones are less about character arcs and relationships than they are about thrills and adventure—that is to say, escapism. 1,401 more words

Star Wars

Confessions of a Star Wars Character

Picture this: A line that runs through the theater lobby and out the door. People talking excitedly, hoping to get in to see the new film about to be released. 1,095 more words

Plugs And Promotions

Knights of the Old Republic: The Greatest Star Wars Story Ever Told

Andrew Dennis:

As the Force Awakens builds up hype ahead (and probably after) its release, many fans will have their own awakening and begin searching through all the old Star Wars things that they have lying around. 1,280 more words


Knights of the Old Republic for Android

About 10 years ago I originally played Knights of the Old Republic (or Kotor, as its commonly known) on the original Xbox, as hard as it is to believe there was an Xbox before the Xbox One. 630 more words