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Chapter 10: Through Passion, I Gain Strength

SUMMARY: In the abandoned Imperial lab on Jakku, thirteen-year-old Padawan Ben Solo longs to find traces of the dark lord he’s seen in holovids, as he helps his uncle track down confiscated Jedi artifacts. 950 more words
Ben Solo

The Old Republic Episode 1

By far the easiest of the four to write, Episode 1, or as I have titled it, A Disturbance, truly sets up the season. This episode’s prime intention is solely to set up what is to come. 717 more words

Saberforge Fallen Initiate Tier empty hilt DIY full review Revan style lightsaber

This is a Saberforge Fallen Initiate Tier lightsaber hilt (‘Initiate’ is Saberforge’s name for an empty hilt). This hilt has the Saberforge standard finish. Saberforge does offer many other finish options as well. 225 more words



I hope…I hope…I hope….




If you’ve ever played Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic then you know all about this Jedi turned Sith turned something else. Now depending on how you play the story (Dark or Light) you get a little bit of a different story, but for the sake of this article we will stick to the Canon story line (Well not Canon, Curse you Disney!). 436 more words

Are more Star Wars Legends characters to be made canon soon?

When Disney took over Lucasfilm in 2014, the vast Star Wars Expanded Universe was rendered non-canonical, grouped into the “Legends” category.  The idea was to allow the next generation of Star Wars storytellers to have a blank slate to create with, as well as promoting continuity across all storytelling mediums. 621 more words

Nostalgic Gamer: KOTOR Gets Classic Star Wars Right

Darcy Selke "Editor in Chief"

First off let me start by giving a heartfelt thank you to Replay Value’s new contributor Zack Layton, who did a fantastic job with his article about a… 1,268 more words

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