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Writing Update #1: Oh Wow I'm Actually Writing

For a writing blog, there seems to be very little writing going on.  I am fully aware of that, but fret not!  I have been hard at it over the past few weeks.  607 more words


On the Knights of Ren

There’s a theory floating around the Star Wars fandom I find fascinating. It delves into the origins of the Knights of Ren, the secret paramilitary order Kylo Ren commands under Supreme Leader Snoke. 1,440 more words

Star Wars The Force Awakens

Which side will you choose

Some custom Revan fanart, because it was requested.

What was playing:
Lindsey Stirling
“The Arena”


Redemption Foreshadowing in The Last Jedi

Interesting. The Battlefront II trailer released today places Kylo with the The Last Jedi heroes — not villains. Also, we have the first look at how bad — or, how slight — the scarring on his face is. 162 more words

Ben Solo

Gender Ambiguous Revan: A Discussion You’re Probably Tired Of Having

I know you’ve probably had this conversation before. You’re probably rolling your eyes, thinking “Who cares?” or shouting “Read the book!” or something along those lines. 793 more words


Knights of the Cool Republic

Not that boring New Republic (or is the post Episode 6 Republic the New Republic?  Does that make the pre-Episode 3 Republic the Old New Republic or the New Old Republic…) 591 more words


Ripples in the Force

Padawan Ben Solo stood on the terrace of a secluded resort on the outskirts of Capital City, gazing across the tidal marsh to the waving grasslands beyond. 993 more words

Star Wars The Force Awakens