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Behold in heaven stands the throne
Of God in His glory
Rich and brilliant like precious stone
In splendor and beauty
Lightning and thunder from the throne… 101 more words


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Only when we view all things, including our tribulations (chapter 6), from the aspect of the throne, shall we gain a true insight into history. 8 more words


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All heavenly beings find their significance in their placement around the throne, and all the earth’s inhabitants are judged on the basis of their attitude to God’s claim to rule over them from this throne. 10 more words


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The word must is important. The concern of this book is not with things which simply will happen, as though the future were of absorbing interest in itself.  55 more words

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The Sovereign God — The Big Reveal, Part 2

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John was exiled to Patmos when he received the revelation he recorded in that book. But why was he there? He wrote it to Christians who were suffering? 37 more words


Sermon: A Vision of Heaven

What will heaven be like? Its the kind of question we hear from curious four and six year olds, who are first contemplating that there might be something more and bigger than this life. 2,875 more words




This is not the first time God has rescued His people from floods of trouble and tribulation! God did it in the days of Noah! 817 more words

Jabez's Prayer