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Life's Changing Revelation


We know more

Though we guessed


Now incarnation

Has become

Life’s changing


Inspired by https://madisonorthodox.com/2018/10/16/as-mary-for-us/ 6 more words


Revelation of God

I began actively seeking to do God’s will 20 years ago, although I was always aware of him and it was the most normal thing in the world to me to commune with him. 340 more words


Revelation 1.1-3 - Coming soon?

Recently, there was an exciting day here in Bahrain, for some, because Ikea opens (so I’m told)! Its been ‘coming soon’ for the last five years, but, as you’ve no doubt noticed, the gargantuan blue and yellow structure just next to where the highways cross actually does imply the place will be opening soon, and, apparently, today’s the day! 453 more words



~A poem of peace and strength

Lord I’m tired,

For these burdens are heavy

and I can no longer carry them.

They weigh my mind… 176 more words


October 21. What is Theology Saying? XXXIV: My “me” is dependent on desires.

The fact that my way is illusory means that it cannot be natural, a mistake cannot be of the essence of anything. That this is world-wide and world-old cannot make it natural. 368 more words

Daily Reflections

What is meaning of the "sea" in the book of Revelation?

Revelations is a book of signs. So we know much of Revelations is symbolism. So what does the symbol for the Sea that the beast rises from mentioned in Revelations represent? 2,008 more words


philly and the universe,


a woman approached me the other day,

her gown flowing past her feet, wrapping around my heels,

wrapping around the earth,

black tresses of silk, cloaking the ground as I knew it, 1,557 more words

Growth And Experience