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Are Mormons Christian?

"Mormons are weird. I mean, they read the Bible, but they have another Bible? Revelations says you can't add to God's word anyway. There's no way they can be Christian." 774 more words


Top Commander

Success is only measured by happiness and bliss,

Captivated and smitten by your luscious kiss.

Sometimes we argue over silly incidents,

I never set out to hurt your temperament. 327 more words


‚Äčno promises...

death will not
call out
your name
for you
to acknowledge
it’s presence
will arrive
your hands
life’s plow
and… 38 more words


And Ye Shall Be As Gods

In the Garden of Eden, Satan did tempt Eve to disobey God and eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge with the promise that she would be as a god, and Eve did eat of the forbidden fruit and did also cause Adam to disobey God and eat of the forbidden fruit, but they became aware of their sin and hid themselves from God and covered themselves with fig leaves to hide their shame. 1,739 more words



Since I started this blog I’ve come to the conclusion that I have minimal discipline and writers block.
I made some free time and I would use this to my advantage to create content and put something out there in the world. 314 more words


revelations of a meat-free challenge.

it’s only day 4 and we’ve been gnawing away at so many veggies, breads, nuts/seeds. i expect that my stomach will take note in about a week or so, and my whole body will start to wonder what the heck is going on. 279 more words