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"Shopping for Value"

given permission to buy
but comparing prices with your worth
when your worth isn’t known
everything seems too expensive

given permission
still arguing your worth… 53 more words


A Change of Heart

I truly believe that once you love someone, you never stop.
It’s impossible when you think about it.
To be in love with someone is to give them every part of you, trust them with your entirety, and accept them for theirs. 586 more words

Random Posts

Do People in Hell Get a 2nd Chance?

Question: Can you explain revelations a little bit better (specifically about the 7 years in between when Jesus comes back and when he finally rules Earth)? 445 more words


The Art of Living "Not Yet"

I think we’ve all been to that place…the place where all we want is our dreams to come true, but they just aren’t.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the promises we find in the Bible. 1,609 more words


On This Third Day of July

It’s ten in the morning,
on this third day of July,
and I am sitting on a narrow bench
(too narrow for the bones upon it), 329 more words

Further Meditations On The Leaver And The Left

Documenting the Apocalypse

Even if threatened with an impending apocalypse I don’t think I’d get it together to get these blog posts out in a more timely fashion… still, better to be doing than writing about doing eh? 151 more words


What is healing?

I was listening to a teaching this morning as I was painting one of our bathrooms.  He was talking about taking risks and stepping out and praying for people.   1,030 more words