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"Sunday's with Ollie"

I like most people. I may not cuddle up to them the way I do my Connie, but I enjoy having them around. The more people around of course means, more chances for extra treats, but the interesting part is the various scents I pickup from each person. 350 more words


Fruitful Grind

Ambition over beauty is living truly,

Real men defend a woman’s honor; it’s a God given duty.

Suckers talk down to their significant other,

I know people who would decapitate their own mother. 402 more words


I was a completely different person when I fell in love with you. It’s funny though because I think the person I am today would have fallen in love with you too, even though we both know it was a disaster.


Rising To The Top

Used to pitch ounces of weed,

Small time on the streets, didn’t buy into greed.

Could have easily started flipping pounds,

Made men, who put in work, were the only goons who were around. 241 more words


SHOCKING REVELATIONS: Richard's Girlfriend Revealed !

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SHOCKING REVELATIONS: Richard’s Girlfriend Revealed !
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is the most very effective endorsers of this Generation . 8 more words

Countless nights...

For countless nights, I sat down lying on my bed thinking…. what is the meaning of Love…

It is just a world between the two of us, or is it a huge community of people that we interact with amongst us all? 212 more words


Body Dysmorphia Revelations

Hey, yeah, this is just something that is seriously bothering the fuck out of me right now.  So, as most of you probably know by now, I have an eating disorder.   892 more words