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Real life begins with the height of your imagination,

Every time my pen touches paper it’s pure detonation.

The only element I build on is… 256 more words


Finding Meaning in Work

What is your dream job?

No, really, what is it?

I rolled over this morning and asked my boyfriend this question in a sleepy haze and, after a short pause, he said “I’d be in space. 402 more words

Losing Value

So I was thinking the other day about how the value of an item decreases immediately after you buy it. For example you buy a TV for ¬£400, but by the time you get it home if you then sold it you wouldn’t be able to get the same amount for it due to it being classed as tainted or used…unless you returned it of course. 75 more words


human-confirmation catastrophes 

Dear Dad,

Daaaaad! This is so not fair!! According to me, I don’t need to see what you keep telling me. All of that is an ugly backwards hat, that is an active spat to sinning, because flesh is the pause in Your Cause of Winning by sinning. 1,950 more words


Number 1

Dearest Number 1,

Thank you for the kindness you’ve shown me thus far, as well as the patience you’ve had with dealing with me!

I understand that now may be a difficult time for you, and that number 2 and 8 are there to support you through such a time. 246 more words


Dragons, Sharks, Wolves

We’re running the runners up, building brands you can trust,

Calm, cool and collected; reality is tough.

Believing in luck is like honoring the lottery, 280 more words


First of some...

I think I should probably say “Welcome”? I have never been one for decorum as most of my friends will tell you (God forbid you ever meet any of them), so to start this off I’ll just say that I hope my blog will have some influence on your life. 1,190 more words