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Acclimation- Learning that Outgrowing ADHD isn't Possible, but Adapting to it is.

All it took was watching me play with other toddlers to diagnose my mild case of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It was clear, a family friend and pediatrician told my mother; the classic ADHD symptoms- hyperactivity, difficulty staying focused and issues with controlling behavior would characterize my future. 1,586 more words


Revelations 5

Verse 1

And I saw at the right of Him seated upon the throne a scroll that had been written within and on the outside sealed up with seven seals.

2,537 more words

The Jennings - Chapter Eighteen


In an instant, the creature’s fangs were scarcely a foot away from Jennings.

“Get down!” a familiar – and most welcome – voice said, and Jennings crouched abruptly. 3,068 more words

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beautiful masks

it’s hard when i don’t even feel like I actually like myself enough to make myself happy, what even makes me happy honestly? there really is no answer… 274 more words


the less fortunate

im pretty sure EVERYONE had been told some version of the sentence “well, there are less fortunate people right now” i dont know about you but this makes me very frustrated and instead of making me feel better it makes me feel worse about myself. 198 more words


Monday morning revelations

It’s not often that I find myself backpacked and breathing heavily, trampling on stony footpaths. Especially on Monday mornings. They don’t really feel like appropriate times for carefree chitchats when there are things to do, lists to tick… you know what I mean? 630 more words

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