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Urgent Care Revelations

So, last Friday I had to take my sick kiddo to Urgent Care. I HATE Urgent Care- but I won’t rant about that today. I tend to pride myself on being a nice person- but I had a real truth bomb hit me that day sitting in the waiting room. 599 more words

It's My Life


You’d think with so much going on I would have plenty to write about. In theory I do. The thing is, I have SO much going on I have no idea where to begin. 396 more words


AUDIOSLAVE - " The Albums "

Zack de la Rocha’s abrupt departure from Rage Against the Machine in October of 2000 was a blow to the remaining core of the band who wanted to continue as a unit. 1,565 more words



Hello, lovelies. As you may have seen lately, I have been basically posting a bunch of articles lately, which I love doing, but this time I am writing from the heart, just like I would in a journal entry. 653 more words



“Do you know if the bakery sells Napoleons?” my mother asks me in Chinese. Sort of having an inkling of her saying something about Napoleon per the phonetic pronunciation, my mind does a quick circuit as it retrieves some blurry pieces information about a french pastry of some sort with layers…but I’m far too hungry and tired to make a solid connection. 1,376 more words

God Is Good

The Week In Games: River City Giving

(Source: kotaku.com)

They are still making these games.

The Kunio-kun series has been going on for over two decades now and shows no signs of slowing down. 350 more words


Shakedown Reviews Blade Runner Killer, Oscar Pistorius - Part 2

Listen to clips from the film and hear our views on the relationship between Reeva and Oscar…

Reeva’s Twitter timeline from January – February 2013… 1,209 more words

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