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Scotian Breeze Is The Movement, Treasure Words, Collect Figures Is The Company

The only time you will ever read my prose on this blog; excluding any novels, short-stories, plays or scripts I plan on writing in the near future. 277 more words


#notonedime, or Nah?

Truth is I am passively observing the #notonedime boycott of the Black Friday holiday. I rarely shop this time of year and don’t traditionally celebrate winter with gift-giving anyway. 428 more words

I Was Just Thinking

Thoughts For Ponderance -- 18

Since the beginning of time, people have conjectured about the end of time. Words like revelations and apocalypse are thrown around to be synonyms with the idea of the world ending. 129 more words

Writing & Blogging

Writing Is My Life

To put it plain and simple, sexier than dimples

Writing is my life, popping careers like pimples

Ladies Prism may arrive this year, if not early 2016… 298 more words


Rice Field Revelations in Ubud

We found or way to the peace and serenity of the rice fields that border the city of Ubud today. Less than 50m from the busy, bustling streets silence occurs. 907 more words

Be grateful 

So it’s thanksgiving. A day of family and friends. A day of food and drinks. A day we take a moment and look at our lives. 218 more words


The Transformation

Don’t disturb me or try to offend me

I have killers behind me, who will make sure you lose your memories

If you want war then don’t start with me… 286 more words