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Farm Justice #3

Ladies and Gentlemen please sit back and relax as we take the journey down the old dirt road of farm justice. That’s right, here are the fifth and sixth way of dealing with that asshole in your life. 392 more words

Farm Justice #2

Last weeks episode should have left you feeling more confident dealing with people you don’t like. Here are the next two ways of dealing with those people that deserve it the most. 309 more words

Farm Justice #1

Fall 2008

Some people believe bad Karma will eventually get you for dirty deeds. I say “Why not make it instant.” This is an instructional guide for dealing with a bad neighbour, a thief, or anybody that has it coming. 659 more words

The Time My Identity Was Stolen And How I Got Revenge

Tonight I used my card at the carry out across the street to buy a delicious bottle of Bogle Cabernet.

“Decline,” my little Indian buddy said with the same passion she says all of her 8 English words she has picked up over the past 10 years. 1,061 more words




© by Ross Cochrane

Chapter 52

Solomon was there as they celebrated the sheep-shearing with Absalom. He watched as his brothers drank and ate and witnessed the horror of that night. 577 more words

When The Wolf Howls

Body in the Wall

I see both of you, when you think no one is watching. Huddled in corners, whispering and plotting when you think you are alone. But I see it all, there is nothing that happens within these four walls that I don’t know about. 67 more words


#1 Begin the Tragedy

Slade D. Wilson introduces a second series of the Under Hundred flash-writing style (stories or chapters under a 100 words).
Preludes of Innocence are not a chronological story, but rather a mixture of the fates of several characters who met in the wrong place in the wrong time. 144 more words