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A Sweet Revenge Poem For Moms

A Sweet Revenge Poem

This is not mine, but thought it was funny and I had to share. Oh what sweet revenge could be had if we, as parents did this to our kids. 351 more words

Finding Joy

Sweet Revenge

I apply claws to my hands
Forgetting the past won’t happen.
There are other victims out there
And I plan to find them.

My sword is sheathed by my waist… 227 more words


Avenged Beast

Suffer in silence
insolent pig!
Grovel your sorrows
tragic cow!
Pray for forgiveness
wretched dog!
Show not contempt
pathetic beast!

When you were not so lowly… 52 more words


Movie Review: Martyrs (2008)

To use a sporting idiom, Golf I believe, Martyrs is a game of two halves. The film opens on a scene of a young and bloodied girl, Lucie, fleeing the abuses that she has suffered on a seemingly abandoned industrial estate. 488 more words

Horror Movie Reviews

With Sugar

The smell of coffee was intoxicating. Providing more comfort than the impending taste. It wasn’t about sipping the cup through the afternoon. I was dying for the comfort of holding a warm mug. 416 more words

Where We Stand

My mother has spent two years attempting to divorce her abusive husband. Neither will settle. He because he knew from the start that his connections in the court would make him win the case, and she because, after years of enduring unspeakable horrors at his hands, she still believes she can make him pay. 437 more words


The Good Ole Boys Put Their War Cart In Front Of Their White House Horse

And they did it publicly. Holy smokes, I ain’t mad at Donald Trump, no, just the opposite, because Trump scared the bejesus out of the Good Ole Boys and their ventriloquist dummies. 559 more words

Book 2