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Death Wish For Killer Whales

So I hadn’t seen Orca (1977) since it was on HBO sometime in the early to mid 80s. Even then I didn’t recall much of the plot (besides the obvious.) The only scene I really remembered is when the main character is trapped on the floating iceberg at the end, and the whale tilts it, sending the man sliding down it to his inevitable death. 1,182 more words


Tin Star Review

Title: The Tin Star

Author: Cecil Castellucci

Page Count: 256

Published: February 24, 2015

Source: Own Paperback

Rating: 3

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Imagine a world where humans have left earth and are struggling to find their place in the vast universe. 678 more words

Book Reviews

The Queen of Stories

Let me start by saying that The Queen of Shadows is the fourth installment in the Throne of Glass series, so we’re dropping in right in the middle of the story. 255 more words


[Poetry] Dangerous

I don’t know when I decided to burn instead of shine,
To be a typhoon instead of a wave.
Maybe I decided when you broke this heart of mine, 66 more words

Jade's Poetry

Brilliant Girl Gets A 17-Year-Long Revenge On Her Cheating Ex-Boyfriend

The post-breakup, settling-the-score phase is always awkward. This is the stage in the breakup when books are sorted through, hoodies are returned, and any outstanding financial restitutions are made. 235 more words

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Sliding down the ski slope

Of your nose

I jump

To land upon my toes

Not rump

Then turn

To climb it as a stairway

To my stars


©K Barr

To die for

Lush lips.
Pale skin.
Red dress.
Ash-blonde hair.
Undeniably sinful.

This was not her, he said.
It was the devil wearing a red dress from prada herself; 316 more words