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Revenue Management Training - Revmutu India

Revmutu has Electronic Channel Distribution Revenue Manager which can easily manage your complicated online hotel booking. Our marketing campaigns helps in yielding secure ROI. Consult our expertise, key strategic channels & improve your hotels profit. 55 more words

Revenue Management

HAMA study on acquisition costs outpacing revenue growth

With the focus today on Net RevPAR and managing cost of OTA distribution this study on costs of customer acquisition and revenue growth in the industry really focuses in on the issues facing hotels. 373 more words

Revenue Management

Revenue Management on an Island

In hotel revenue management we pay a lot of attention to demand management; the ability to anticipate the number of guests likely to arrive at our hotel at any given time. 258 more words

Revenue Management

Introducing Profit Manager Club

Welcome to the Profit Manager Club, a resource for revenue management hotel executives in Mauritius.

We look forward to sharing best practice in Revenue Management, Reservations sales and social to support best practice in revenue management today!

The Profit Manager Club team

Revenue Management

Increasing profitability in the restaurant

A one-day workshop on revenue management in restaurant space on March 26th , featuring the key performance indicators that drive food and beverage (F&B) revenue management including average check value, revenue per operative labour hour (RevPOLH) and revenue per available seat hour (RevPASH). 74 more words

Revenue Management

Build a Revenue Team That Will Show You Results!

As a former Director of Revenue Management, I can attest to the fact that it takes a dedicated team effort to build a successful Revenue process which we had at both resorts where I worked. 688 more words


Wendy Jory

Title: Head of Global Pricing and Contracting Strategies

Company: Glaxo Smith Kline

Location: Carlsbad, Calif.

During her first year as head of global pricing and contracting strategies, Dr. 203 more words