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reverend billy targeted by the new york police

Greenhorns –

Most of you know that I have been targeted by the New York police.  It’s a dispiriting turn of events, but after traveling to Ferguson twice last fall, the second time with the Stop Shopping Choir, I shouldn’t be surprised at what’s happened. 265 more words

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England Turning to Green Party Politics and Reverend Billy's Great Ministry

Get the behind me Andrew sodding Neil of the BBC, sing hallelujah my friends! Turn Trident into pretty Windmills, feeeed your brothers, feeeeed your sisters. Turn awaaaaay from devious mind control and UK Paedo parliaments, do NOT be afraid, do not fear luuurving your brothers and luurving your sisters ALL around this beautiful world! 46 more words

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New York police continue counteroffensive with arrests of protesters and work slowdown

By Sandy English
January 9, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

Police arrested anti-police violence protesters in Grand Central Station for alleged threats to officers on Tuesday and have banned “die-ins” from the station. 968 more words


Reverend Billy's Arrest For Expressive Free Speech at Peaceful Vigil

Reverend Billy gave his sermon and was arrested during the 18th hour of the #CarryTheNames Vigil at Grand Central Terminal on January 5, 2014. We gathered in the public space to bear witness with the names and stories of over 150 people killed or brutalized with impunity. 18 more words

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