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redirect that energy

I adore connections that are undefinable…. the kinds that can’t be described in words…. the kinds that can’t be dumbed down by a title.

But I am still trying to get into a state of “flow” where my mind will not have a chance to ruminate on my misfortunes. 80 more words


[ROCK] "Reverie" - The Morning Of

The Morning Of är för mig ett nyupptäckt band. Jag lyssnade för första gången på dom häromdagen genom Spotify’s radiofunktion. Denna var låten som spelade och jag fastnade snabbt för den. 41 more words


.Damnit Moon Bun.

Your confession remains to be my final pleading,
but the only thing that’s here with me is tic tac tic tac tic tac tic tac……
120 more words


~ Ode To My Angel ~

Your wings were always there,
They followed, indivisible,
As the shadow of my soul
I once imagined you
As a mythical being
Suspended in a timeless moment… 83 more words

it’s a funny thing to demand truth of someone writing anonymously

Originally posted on Conceited Crusade:

This week’s word prompt: truth

I’m a liar.
I drop hints about myself
that throw you off scent.
I’m no one famous. 33 more words


magic hour

you should know love isn’t easy.
to give a part of you to someone else,
even when you don’t feel like doing so-
and sometimes without reward. 136 more words