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Yesterday’s heartsickness
is today’s malaise
I’ve been trapped
in my own head
since I rolled out of bed
this morning
some time just before
noon… 168 more words


One Piece: Chapter 905 is on a break this week

One Piece Chapter 905 is on a break this week as One Piece will not run in Shonen Jump Issue 25. So, we have to wait till next week for next chapter. 154 more words

One Piece

The Dark Side of Dreams

Under the wrappings of a sweet stupor,

Rise the faint whispers of dreams,

Calling in silvery tones to the sleeper

To show half-knit fancies, bursting at the seams. 248 more words

Left over

There are so many things left over in our consciousness waiting for someone else to discover ’em but at the end they will be kept unkempt ’till death’.


Johann Heinrich Vogeler: Reverie

“People who believe
they are
ignorant of nothing
have neither looked for,
nor stumbled upon,
the boundary between
what is known
and unknown
in the universe.”
24 more words

Reverie of an Insomniac

A shot of moonshine

Every night before bed

With Mr. Eddy or Tigger

My head rests on lilac feathers

A plethora of stars revolve my crown… 172 more words

O' Poetry