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Reverie - The desert of life or Alice and that pesky hole

We think we are at the top because we place ourselves there. The tree of life is not the right example. The tips of the branches beings the furthest does not mean it is the most advanced stage of the tree. 445 more words


Reverie - The importance of the story

Ancient myth is a building block of humanity. We tell stories so that we can pass on information. As time moves on, the context for the stories changes or disappear, making it easy for them to be dismissed as “those old silly stories.” 53 more words


Kicking the Tires

Kicking the Tires

By L. Stewart Marsden

My dad was an auto mechanic for years. On the weekends he and me used to work on an old jalopy he bought for practically nothing. 780 more words



As the day come closer, my uneasiness grows bigger. One more month and I’ll be saying goodbye to this place, where the childhood reverie frequently visits, where my parents build the only life that they’ve ever known. 930 more words


The Road Never Taken...

It’s a Monday like no other Monday. I am traveling to work, on the same train, through the same route, but why does it all seem different? 170 more words


Reverie Season 1 Episode 2: Bond. Jane Bond. Recap

In this week’s of episode Reverie, Mara visits a spy fantasy created by a woman with a previously unknown heart condition. Both her real and metaphorical hearts are hurting. 2,364 more words