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[WRITEUP] Viettel Mates CTF Numbers.exe

Thứ bảy ngủ dậy thì đã 3h chiều. Đang ngáp ngủ thì mới nhớ ra có giải Viettel Mastes CTF đang diễn ra. Mình vội vàng bật máy, bật tool lên. 1,056 more words

Reverse Engineering

Post 0x10: A Revised Emotet Downloader

You may remember I wrote a post where I took apart an Emotet Downloader that used Macros and Powershell commands to download Emotet from compromised websites. 1,657 more words

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineer Post - Gig Poster

Just a Reverse Engineer Post on a Gig Poster I really liked!

This is a poster of for the Black Keys, a pretty rock alternative band. 250 more words

Reverse Engineering

REPping the Growlers Gig Poster

I wanted to take a look at a poster created by an artist named Alex DeSpain, which was made for a show The Growlers played in October 2014. 253 more words

Zoom! Enhance!


I was casually perusing around Pinterest this last week, just looking at vector rendered posters for inspiration for projects, I came across this beauty. It intrigued me, so I thought it would be a great image to analyze and break down what made it successfully catch my attention. 325 more words

A Break Down

Post 0x09: "Karius", a Work In Progress Banking Trojan

On June 7th, two variants of the same Banking Trojan were uploaded to VirusBay, and so I decided to have a look at them to see what exactly the difference was. 2,838 more words

Reverse Engineering

Remove PePassword Protection 0.2 SMT/SMF (Reversing.kr)

Ok… Hello mấy friend … <3 … Mới ăn trưa bằng một ổ bánh mỳ … Tán dóc xíu cho xuôi nào :v … ! 1,702 more words

Reverse Engineering