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How Google and Bing protects their API

My previous research named Reverse Engineering using Chrome was all about debugging a website and building an algorithm to bring up all of these tiles together, and by the end – getting the image in a higher resolution. 1,183 more words

C Programs in Assembly: 01

The last program was as simple as a program can possibly be.  Today we are going to start gong over data types and see how they are manipulated in assembly. 909 more words


The Simplest Program

To get a good grasp on reverse engineering we need to learn to recognize high level programming structures in assembly langauge.  To do that we are going to create some programs and then look at them with a debugger. 428 more words


Fun with SQLite Load_Extension

What is load_extension?

This interface loads an SQLite extension library from the named file.

int sqlite3_load_extension(
sqlite3 *db, /* Load the extension into this database connection */
const char *zFile, /* Name of the shared library containing extension */
const char *zProc, /* Entry point.
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Perancangan Ulang Model Chuck Jaws untuk Chuck tiga rahang Mesin Bubut “CIMONET” di Lab. Pemesinan POLBAN



Perancangan Ulang Model Chuck Jaws untuk Chuck tiga rahang Mesin Bubut “CIMONET” di Lab. Pemesinan POLBAN





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Hype or Reality? Stealing Machine Learning Models via Prediction APIs

Wired magazine just published an article with the interesting title How to Steal an AI, where the author explores the topic of reverse engineering Machine Learning algorithms based on a recently published academic paper:  1,253 more words


Seeking Treachery in a Questionably Sourced Phone

Have you ever considered sourcing an off-brand phone from the China markets? Why, or what stopped you? The answer is data and identity. You are trusting both when you decide to use a smartphone. 268 more words

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