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Installing and running Cuckoo malware analysis platform – Part 2

As I promised, this is my second post of the Cuckoo tutorial set, I’ll be guiding you thru the process of making a Windows VM (Sandbox), where Cuckoo will run all the malware you throw in it. 1,849 more words


A Thousand Monkeys Writing a JavaScript Malware Downloader: De-obfuscating the JavaScript

There’s a theory that a thousand monkeys typing away at a thousand typewriters will eventually reproduce the works of Shakespeare. I got home one day to find a JavaScript downloader semi-randomly creating dynamic functions until one of them worked and downloaded some malware that I hadn’t seen before. 3,845 more words

Malware Analysis

Working Through An Easy Crackme

Today I’m going to go over working through the Easy-Crackme from Reversing.kr.  As a note I do these in a virtual machine with a snapshot so that I can roll it back to a safe state in case I miss something malicious.  671 more words

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Yes, You Can Reverse Engineer this 74181

is the gift that keeps on giving this new year. His latest is a reverse engineering of the 74181 Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU). The great news is that the die image and complexity are both optimized for you to succeed at doing your own reverse engineering. 188 more words

Classic Hacks

The Introductory IoT Hardware Hacking Tool Box

@tachyeonz : Aggregated here you will find some of the most popular tools for reverse engineering embedded electronics, as well as some documentation and tutorials on how to get started using them. 16 more words


Starting On Windows: PMA

When I was getting started I was told to read Practical Malware Analysis from No Starch Press.  I can’t recommend the book enough.  As far as prerequisites go I was fine with a basic understanding of programming and how computers work.  753 more words

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Random CrackMe

This is an interesting crackme I found randomly. You can download it from here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5r3a3uqsg1pbp4v/CrackMe1.zip

The algorithm uses the PID of the application for the serial key calculation. 81 more words