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Bypassing the Windows 8.1 Picture Password feature with a kernel debugger


Let me start this post by stating that the stuff described here is NOT a vulnerability. I just ported the idea of patching the function which validates the Windows logon password (the well-known… 1,151 more words

Reverse Engineering


Menggunakan roda skuter berdiameter 140 mm (5.51 inch) sebagai referensi, kita bisa mengukur bagian dari skuter sebelum melakukan model tertentu  untuk latihan proyek.

Reverse engineering merupakan bagian dari proses desain. 503 more words

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Radare Visual Mode Dynamic Debugging

To follow up on my last post on working with radare, I wanted to talk about visual mode. This is a mode that is more familiar to me specifically the debug print mode. 71 more words


Disassembly and Debugging with radare2

I started off with a simple program to work with disassembly and debugging.
int main ()
return 42;

I saved this code in a file called basic.c. 209 more words


"flashbox" an incredibly strong construction budgeting tool


Call it a room with a view or how to price a project room by room with lots of options.  A flashbox is a newly developed building block for studying construction projects in their very early conceptual “dreamy” stage to bring accuracy and reality to the dream without the requirement of expensive drawings.  1,033 more words

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Extracting Dyre Configuration From A Process Dump

There are a couple of scripts and programs available on the Internet to extract the configuration of the Dyre banking malware from a memory dump. What I’m showing here is a method using a generic regular expression tool I developed (re-search). 269 more words

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IDA plugins and scripts

A collection of IDA plugins and scripts can be found in the following places: