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The World is Flat

The world already was flat

The world is flat again

Explanation on cats

Debugger Detection Using NtGlobalFlag

This is another simple anti-reversing trick used to detect a debugger. As I have shown earlier in my post about the TEB structure and the PEB structure, NtGlobalFlag is located in the PEB Structure at offset PEB+104. 608 more words

Danielle Eve's Guide to Reverse Engineering Malware - Day 4: Looking at Behavioral Data (RegShot, ProcDot, Wireshark)

Notes from the Girl

Well it’s been a bit of a long haul these past couple of months.  After the recent round of layoffs at my employer, I’m currently acting as Director of application ops for our corporate systems (accounting and HR) rather than doing IR.  1,190 more words


Biomimetics again: scientists reverse engineer the design of snake scales

Today, I have an example of biomimetics.

But first, here’s what that is:

Biomimetic refers to human-made processes, substances, devices, or systems that imitate nature.

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Difference between Standard Reverse Engineering and Customized Reverse Engineering.

Standard Reverse Engineering :

  1. this uses the standard JDBC Driver capability to pull metadata into SNP_REV table which means common syntax and standards followed by all the Db’s or technologies.
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Building a Home Lab to Become a Malware Hunter

… You don’t need 10 years of experience in malware analysis and a bunch of certificates to help you win this battle. You just need to experiment.

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JES15 - The Heart Of Family Worship

Like all young parents, we’ve been hearing tons of parenting advice since Irelyn was the size of a peanut. For most of these wise sayings we are thankful. 339 more words