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Writeup Bomb - Phase_5

I. Lời nói đầu

Hôm nay mình lại có cảm hứng để viết tiếp về cách chơi với file bomb này, một phần cũng sắp vào năm học vào nên mình cũng có thời gian để viết. 1,239 more words


IR Syma S107G Heli Control with Arduino/Processing

Getting a lot of inspiration from the internet (Kerry Wong , Procrastineering, and many others) I decided that I would want to take on the project of controlling a Syma s107 helicopter (15$ on… 511 more words


Hack a Surgical Robot

In the future, your surgeon could be a machine. Teleoperated surgical robots can be controlled from a distance to operate on patients in hard-to-reach places. But as information travels between a human on one side of the world and a robot on the other, it’s vulnerable to attack

Noteworthy Stream

Hacking the Sega Saturn

A detailed look into Dr Abrasive’s lab and what it took to engineer a plug-in-flash-card for the Sega Saturn

Noteworthy Stream

Cracking The Sega Saturn After 20 Years

When it was released 20 years ago, the Sega Saturn was by far the most powerful video game console available. It was a revolutionary device, had incredible (for the time) graphics, and a huge library of IP Sega could draw from. 335 more words

Classic Hacks

Decompile Compiled VBS EXE with WinDbg

In this case we are looking at a 32-bit EXE with WinDbg (x86) from the Windows SDK.

This exact process may or may not work depending on how the script was compiled, but the technique will be similar for many different types of interpreted scripts that are “compiled” to EXE… 129 more words


Put a Reverse Engineered Power Meter in Your Toolkit

It seems that one can buy cheap power meters online and, well, that’s it. They work just fine, but to use them for anything else (like datalogging or control or…) they need a bit more work. 229 more words

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