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A deep dive into Facebook algorithms

Reverse-engieneering is a duty.

Well, only if you don’t want to turn into Big Four‘s favorite puppet. For the newbies, I would say that reverse-engineering is about asking yourself the right questions : 981 more words


Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering (The Beginning Stages)

What is reverse engineering?  Visualize walking into any company that has a ten year old application that they still use today and was written in Visual Basic 6 code.  912 more words


Reverse Engineering | Cracking Program Using OllyDbg - 1

In this article you will get to know the basics of reverse engineering and software cracking. If you are not familiar with these terms then please go through them to know what we are actually going to achieve here. 185 more words


Protect Java sources from Reverse Engineering


If we are developing java application whose byte code is publicly distributed over internet, there is always possibility to reverse engineer the class files using various decompilation tools. 914 more words


The Quagga Ressurection

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Over the past 2,000 years, more than 100 mammal species have become extinct, includ­ing the Tasmanian wolf and the Caspian tiger, along with countless species of bird such as the passenger pigeon, the Carolina parakeet, and the dodo. 1,435 more words


2014 Flare On Challenge 1

You can download the challenge from here: http://www.flare-on.com/files/C1.exe

As we run the application we get this.

When we click on decode the we get this encrypted string. 251 more words


Portable Executable File Format

The main reason for the fact that software that is built on one system , runs on another system without much extra effort is a data structure known as Portable Executable Format (here we are specifically referring to Windows systems, though other Operating Systems have similar data structures, for eg. 646 more words