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Reverse engineering

As you walk on river, do not get too close
To our fragments shored up against ruins.
They are meant to be reverse engineered.

Do not tread on our charred wood pieces… 35 more words


Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is taking apart an object to see how it works in order to duplicate or enhance the object. The practice, taken from older industries, is now frequently used on computer hardware and software. 295 more words

Reverse Engineering

Noise Source Reverse Engineering and Improvements

I ordered a noise source from ebay for about $20USD, It came in good shape and working order just 2 weeks later. I say “ working order” rather loosely as the thing got hot, very very hot, easily over 70*c after just 10 minutes around the LNAs. 717 more words


Like Any Good Mechanic We Need Tools. Lets Start with Hexdump.

Tasks and the Tools to Accomplish Them.

Computers are just machines.  They are machines that can do amazing things, but they are still just machines.  To work on a machine you need the right tools for the job.  4,565 more words

Its A Beautiful Day To Do Nefarious Things

Reverse engineering the universe

In the life of a reverse engineer, your work changes the way you think. Everything is a mystery waiting to be solved. In an earlier post about hacking I said the hacking mindset is to keep learning, to have a thirst for knowledge. 879 more words


Making your Shellcode Undetectable using .NET

In the world of Windows you can execute shellcode using the VirtualAlloc and VirtualProtect Windows APIs. There are also few more APIs we can use to do the same task but different techniques involved. 1,685 more words


Writeup Bomb - Phase_5

I. Lời nói đầu

Hôm nay mình lại có cảm hứng để viết tiếp về cách chơi với file bomb này, một phần cũng sắp vào năm học vào nên mình cũng có thời gian để viết. 1,239 more words

Reverse Engineering