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Hype or Reality? Stealing Machine Learning Models via Prediction APIs

Wired magazine just published an article with the interesting title How to Steal an AI, where the author explores the topic of reverse engineering Machine Learning algorithms based on a recently published academic paper:  1,253 more words


Seeking Treachery in a Questionably Sourced Phone

Have you ever considered sourcing an off-brand phone from the China markets? Why, or what stopped you? The answer is data and identity. You are trusting both when you decide to use a smartphone. 268 more words

Security Hacks

The Wonderful World of Programming and Operating Systems.

What programming languages you learn pretty much depends on what you plan to do with them.  I’m interested in the lower level languages because I want to learn how to do systems programming.  487 more words


Backdoors in Xiaomi Smartphones

A computer science student, Thijs Broenink has found that one of the pre-installed apps that come with Xiaomi smartphones ‘AnalyticsCore (AnalyticsCore.apk)‘ is an app that sends device information (IMEI, MAC address, Model, Nonce, Package name and signature) to Xiaomi as well as checks for updates daily from Xiaomi’s server and install them. 186 more words

CILIP Health Libraries Group Conference: Part 1 of 8) The perils of reverse engineering

On 15th and 16th September, I was lucky enough to attend the Health Libraries Group conference, part of the Chartered Institution of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) which was held at the Spa Conference Centre in Scarborough. 608 more words

Reverse Engineer to go farther/faster

We all like the thought of continuous forward progress, accelerating onwards and upwards toward a strategic goal or outcome. But many times our march to the future is best served by a tactical pause in which we consolidate our gains, check our bearings, clear our thoughts and equip ourselves for the next phase of our journey. 351 more words

Decision Concepts

Apktool Front End: APK Studio

Pada umumnya, para security analyst menggunakan APKTool untuk melakukan reverse-engineering serta manipulasi atas aplikasi Android (apk).  Proses dekompilasi file apk menjadi Dalvik Bytecode, men-generate signing keys, lalu signing file apk yang telah dimodifikasi semuanya dapat dilakukan dengan menggunakan APKTool. 121 more words