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0x0 Ghost from the past

“Smashing the Stack for Fun and Profit”, by Aleph One, Phrack No.49

Buffer Overflow adalah kerentanan (vulnerability) pada sebuah perangkat lunak akibat pemberian input data pada buffer yang diluar kapasitas yang dimilikinya. 2,419 more words


Assembly I: Syllabus

Purpose: The purpose of the Assembly I set of modules is to introduce basic reverse engineering by starting from the simplest C program and adding to it until we have a nontrivial program to reverse engineer. 246 more words

Reverse Engineering

Assembly Module 5: Multiple Functions.


In this module we are going to build off our hello reversing program.  We are going to move our print operation out of the main function into a second function.  1,070 more words

Reverse Engineering

Assembly Module 4: Hello Reversing!


In today’s module we are going to build on the empty main function we looked at in assembly module 2.  In the process we are going to grab a .gdbinit file that will make gdb a more useful tool.  1,141 more words

Reverse Engineering

Lab01-02 Analysis

This program is packed using UPX and can be easily unpacked.

At the start we see a call to ‘StartServiceCtrlDispatcher’ which is used to implement a service and the service control manager will call the service entry point provided. 650 more words

Reverse Engineering

Hiring the best organization for the product design

Reverse Engineering is something that truly helps you for making your product perfect. You must agree on that for the new launching, the first thing you need to be sure about, that is… 359 more words

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Python for penetration testers

If you are involved in vulnerability research, reverse engineering or penetration testing, I suggest to try out the Python programming language. It has a rich set of useful libraries and programs. 1,057 more words