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Let’s talk about Malware – it’s been a hot topic in the recent past and there’s lots more coming around in terms of reverse engineering, learning more about dissecting malware and running your own labs to generate, recreate and tackle the best. 30 more words


Nightcap - April 10

Deep Learning Learnings and Reverse Engineering are discussed tonight in Nightcap – Radar


Martha (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a 200-word story based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Al Forbes (A Mixed Bag) for providing this week’s challenging photo. 280 more words

Flash Fiction

Haxing Minesweeper

Recently I tweeted a screenshot where I won the Minesweeper game by looking at the mine field from the memory. I posted this for no reason, just for fun since I was happy that I finally won this game. 1,025 more words


CMU Binary Bomb + Assembly crash course

In this post, I will be giving readers the tools to work through the CMU Binary Bomb. To complete this task, you must reverse engineer a binary, in which you must pass through six phases, inputting a string for each phase. 3,108 more words

Reverse Engineering

SwampCTF_RE : Chicken Chaser

Hi, everyone !

Tâm sự mỏng :

Hôm nay mình hơi buồn vì những sự nỗ lực xoay quanh việc học thật tốt ở trường không khả thi cho lắm … :v Thường thì mình không thích mấy môn học ở trường lắm …. 620 more words

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering Bottle Threads for Fun and Profit

Recently, one of ’s clients asked him to design a bottle. Simple enough for a product designer, except that the client needed it to thread into a specific type of cap. 233 more words

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