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Reverse Engineering: 1. Getting familiar with "Radare2"

Hi ! :) ‘Radare2′ is a reverse  engineering framework which comes with an advanced command line interface which allows moving around the file, analyzing data, disassembling, binary patching, data comparison, searching, replacing, and scripting with a variety of languages, including Ruby, Python, Lua, and Perl. 470 more words


OS X 10.10.3 still vulnerable

I just wanted to notify our readers interested in OS X security about a new finding that Patrick Wardle has made. He stated in his blog that he’s able to exploit rootpipe on a fully patched OS X 10.10.3! 66 more words


Flare-On - Challenge 4


Hello all, and welcome to challenge number four of seven. We’re halfway through this and so far it has been alright, there was nothing out of the ordinary. 3,739 more words


Reverse Engineering with OllyDbg

OllyDbg is a 32-bit disassembler/debugger for Microsoft Windows binary files.  It is shareware and it is available here.  The goal today is to provide a tour of OllyDbg and how the tool can be used in reverse engineering software or malware.  2,255 more words

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Another CTB-Locker related e-mail inside my junk box

While I was checking my junk e-mail folder I found something resembling a CTB-Locker e-mail type. The e-mail text is in italian language without typo errors. 1,000 more words

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Write Like the Masters: Hemingway vs. Subordination

I enjoyed reading Write Like the Masters by William Cane. The book included fun facts about the writing habits of some great authors and also included  interesting techniques to emulate these authors. 949 more words