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Practical Malware Analysis, Lab 9-2 notes, part 3

We resume at 0x004010BF were 4 bytes are about to be added to ESP. ESP now holds the address to 0x0018FB1C which points to the encryption key. 394 more words

Malware Analysis

Universal Radio Hacker

If you are fascinated by stories you read on sites like Hackaday in which people reverse engineer wireless protocols, you may have been tempted to hook up your RTL-SDR stick and have a go for yourself. 326 more words

Radio Hacks

Practical Malware Analysis, Lab 9-2 notes, part 2

At this point, I am probably going to (almost) reverse the whole executable then answer the lab questions. Those questions could be answer very rapidly (I probably have a couple of them in my answers already) as a complete reversing is not necessary but I find it very useful to reverse the whole file for educational purpose as it is not too complicated, yet more challenging and time-consuming than the previous ones. 624 more words

Malware Analysis

Practical Malware Analysis, Lab 9-2 notes, part 1

By disassembling the file in IDA Pro, we analyze the _main function. This function has multiple variables.

Scrolling down in this function, we can see one character being moved in each variable. 516 more words

Malware Analysis

Reverse Engineering Education

This is the start of a new project for me.  It’s ambitious in that it will take a lot of time and work, but I think it will pay off well in the end. 393 more words

Reverse Engineering

63 Problems But Malware Ain't One: 8ca23d7bdf520c3e7ac538c1ceb7b555

Hello paranoids

Recovered from my previous post? No? Great! My overall objectives for the previous post were to:

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