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Reverse Speech with David John Oates

For anyone who is not familiar with reverse speech, well, take a gander.

I’ve known of this and Oates for many years.  Wonderful information comes through. 273 more words

JonBenet Ramsey evidence

Here are a couple of tasters from the Dr Phil interviews – some of John Ramsay and one from Burke Ramsey, JonBenet’s brother.  I will be add further reversals soon. 1,144 more words

Reverse Speech

Donald Trump

From extract of Trump speech August 31, 2016

I listened to part of the Trump speech and have given a selection of reversals from it here. 677 more words

Reverse Speech

Apollo moon landing debate

I have taken an interest in a webpage on http://reversespeech.com/reversal/did-we-go-to-the-moon-or-not/ I have listened to a few of the reversals. I am not conspiracy-minded myself, but I would like to make comments about some the reversals presented, as well as present some more that lie behind the forward speech. 2,095 more words

Reverse Speech

Isaac Reinwand July 2016

Here is a selection of reversals from the first 5 minutes of Isaac’s interview. Selections from the rest of the interview will be added later. Reversals from earlier interviews by Isaac Reinwand, Jessica Mitchell and Vernal Kunz can be found at  1,320 more words

Reverse Speech

Seddique Mateen - father of Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen

Sorry, I have been slow in getting reversals up. I have many, many reversals, but will just put up a few for the moment.

RS: … 973 more words

Reverse Speech