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The Promise Keepers

Ann Koi came to visit in 1997. That was when I was living in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a pleasant time. We had met once before, when she was living in the District of Columbia. 436 more words



This boy can. Seemingly effortlessly, 10-year-old Cameron Bissett speaks reverse-English while his proud parents look on.

“We discovered he had this amazing talent a couple of days ago”, said his mother. 62 more words


Oracle Broadcasting adds new shows, February 2013

Mind Over Matrix Radio with Kyle John, every Sunday from 5 to 7 PM Eastern

Practicap Radio with Nathan Dedmore, every Sunday from 7 to 9 PM Eastern… 176 more words

The David John Oates appearance Coast to Coast AM won't rebroadcast

Coast to Coast AM is scheduled to rebroadcast an August 1, 1997 appearance by reverse speech expert, David John Oates, on April 28, 2012, but what they won’t rebroadcast to their listeners is his final show where he was abruptly cut off for playing damning reversals of regular guests, Richard Hoagland and Major Ed Dames. 108 more words

Crash! Are You Ready? regular guest lineup

This is the regular guest lineup of Crash! Are You Ready?, as of March 2012:

Monday – Linda Runyon – wild foods expert

Wednesday – … 21 more words

Obama's slogan "YES WE CAN" is "THANK YOU SATAN" when played backwards and Vice Versa ViD

Obama’s slogan “YES WE CAN” is “THANK YOU SATAN” when played backwards:


“THANK YOU SATAN” becomes “YES WE CAN” when played backwards:

In the mouth of the Puppet of the NWO, this becomes a Massive Mind Control PsyOps for the Masses.


A Girl Who Can Instantly Pronounce Words Backwards

This girl, Alyssa, is some kid. She can pronounce any word, backwards. The video on YouTube says she can do it with any word in “three seconds or less”, but she pretty much does it instantly. 125 more words