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Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey (Review)

Although I’ve titled this a review, as I do when I write about a book, this post on my latest read, Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey,  1,231 more words

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Emma Ashmere, The floating garden (Review)

I had a little chuckle when, fairly early in Emma Ashmere’s novel, The floating garden, we discover that our main character, Ellis Gilbey, writes a gardening column under the name Scribbly Gum! 1,077 more words

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Peter Carey, Amnesia (Review)

Somewhere sometime ago I read that serious reviewers should read the book they are reviewing at least twice. I think this is good advice, but I admit that with so many books I… 1,129 more words

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Jane Austen, Emma Vol 3 (continuing thoughts)

I’ve now finished my re-read of Emma, and found that the theme of friendship, which I discussed in my Volumes 1 and 2… 1,463 more words

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Dymphna Cusack, Jungfrau (Review)

Are there some historical periods that particularly fascinate you? There are for me, and one of those is that between the two world wars. It was a complex time encompassing both economic hardship and great social change. 1,115 more words

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Aminatta Forna, The hired man (Review)

Early in Aminatta Forna’s The hired man, the narrator Duro is told by his old, ex-best friend Krešimir, “People have moved on, Duro. Maybe you should too”. 1,077 more words

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Jane Rawson, A wrong turn at the Office of Unmade Lists (Review)

The weirdest thing happened when I put down Jane Rawson’s debut novel, A wrong turn at the Office of Unmade Lists: I started imagining things! 1,041 more words

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