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Sara Dowse, As the lonely fly (#BookReview)

Some books grow out of their author’s desire to engage the reader in an issue they feel passionate about, such as Jane Rawson on climate change in… 1,240 more words

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AS Patrić, Black rock white city (Review)

With that extended conflict known as the Yugoslav Wars (1991-2001) now over for more than a decade, we are starting to see books written about them. 1,073 more words

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Carmel Bird, Family skeleton (Review)

I love a cheeky writer, and Carmel Bird must be the doyenne of cheeky writers, so it goes without saying, really, that I thoroughly enjoyed her latest novel… 1,085 more words

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Janette Turner Hospital, Orpheus lost (Mini-review)

Last year I did a mini-review of Elizabeth Jolley’s An innocent gentleman using some scrappy notes from when I read the book long before blogging. This post on Janette Turner Hospital’s… 914 more words

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Madelaine Dickie, Troppo (Review)

“Write what you know” is the advice commonly given to writers, and this is exactly what Madelaine Dickie has done in her debut novel, Troppo… 1,336 more words

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Northanger Abbey musings (2)

A month ago I posted some musings arising from the first part of my current slow read of  Northanger Abbey with my Jane Austen group. In this post I’ll share some reflections on the rest of the novel, Chapters 20 to 31, which is the part that encompasses our “heroine” Catherine’s arrival in and departure from the Abbey. 894 more words

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Mena Calthorpe, The dyehouse (Review)

Mena Calthorpe’s novel The dyehouse was, as I wrote in a post last year, Text Publishing’s choice for its 100th Text Classic, which surely says something about its quality or worth, wouldn’t you think? 1,147 more words

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