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Jane Austen's Persuasion, Vol. 1

My Jane Austen group is reading Persuasion – eleven years since we last did it – because 2017 is the 200th anniversary of its publication. Of course I’ve read it several times, so, as you’ll know from my other Austen re-reads, my aim here is to focus on reflections from this read rather than to write a traditional review. 1,601 more words

Review - Novels

Min Jin Lee, Pachinko (#BookReview)

If you are looking for a big, engrossing read that takes you into a little-known world, then I offer you Korean-American author Min Jin Lee’s… 1,294 more words

Women Writers

Yuri Herrera, Signs preceding the end of the world (#BookReview)

While I was travelling in the USA last month, I wanted to read at least one book relating to the regions we were visiting. I started by looking for a novel set in/about the northwest, but then Yuri Herrera’s… 1,011 more words

21st Century Literature

Emily Maguire, An isolated incident (#BookReview)

Emily Maguire’s novel, An isolated incident, reminded me of Charlotte Wood’s The natural way of things (my review). Sure, An isolated incident… 1,158 more words

Australian Literature

Rebekah Clarkson, Barking dogs (#BookReview)

The best way to describe Rebekah Clarkson’s debut book, Barking dogs, is that it’s a portrait of a community undergoing social change. This community is  1,221 more words

Australian Literature

Ian McEwan, Nutshell (#bookreview)

Like Carmel Bird’s Family skeleton, which I reviewed recently, Ian McEwan’s Nutshell has a narrator who won’t appeal to those who don’t like devices like skeletons in cupboards or babies in wombs. 1,063 more words

21st Century Literature

Sara Dowse, As the lonely fly (#BookReview)

Some books grow out of their author’s desire to engage the reader in an issue they feel passionate about, such as Jane Rawson on climate change in… 1,240 more words

Australian Literature