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Chinua Achebe, Things fall apart (Review)

At last I’ve read that classic of African literature, China Achebe’s Things fall apart. It all came about because this year ABC RN’s classics book club is doing Africa. 1,101 more words

Review - Novels

Sarah Kanake, Sing fox to me (Review)

Back in late 2011, I wrote a Monday Musings post on 19th century Australian Gothic. I’ve always intended to post more on the topic, including one on Tasmanian Gothic. 1,177 more words

Australian Literature

Elizabeth Harrower, In certain circles (Review)

There’s an interesting story behind Elizabeth Harrower’s last novel, In certain circles. It was all set for publication in 1971, following her very successful… 1,314 more words

Australian Literature

Debra Adelaide, The women's pages (Review)

When I started reading Debra Adelaide’s latest novel The women’s pages I thought, “Oh yes, here’s another interesting story about women’s lives, how their options are limited, etc etc. 1,182 more words

Australian Literature

Tony Birch, Ghost River (Review)

“Some people believe in religion. Well, I believe in stories.” So says Ren to his friend Sonny late in Tony Birch’s third novel Ghost River. … 1,222 more words

Australian Literature

Kate Jennings, Moral hazard (Review)

How often do you read a book that connects in some ways with something you’ve recently read or thought about? Kate Jennings’ award-winning Moral hazard, … 1,099 more words

Australian Literature

Annie Dillard, The Maytrees (Review)

I am not, as I wrote in my recent post on Emma Ayres’ memoir Cadence, a big “reader” of audiobooks. In fact, until Cadence… 1,072 more words

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