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TITLE - "Cuz I Love You" Review

I was driving home for the weekend Friday, thinking to myself “What in the world am I going to be doing my post on this weekend?” And then, like the miraculous angel she is, Lizzo descended from the heavens and bestowed upon me an album, ripe for discussing. 933 more words


Did you ever see an elephant fly?

Directed by Tim Burton and inspired by the 1941 animated film of the same name, Disney’s live-action Dumbo adaptation follows the family of a failing travelling circus on their adventure with the adorably blue-eyed and big-eared, flying baby elephant. 392 more words

Viking Destiny - review

   Let’s talk about the title. Viking Destiny. Viking. Destiny. Not ‘A Viking’s Destiny’ or ‘Destiny of the Viking’. Viking Destiny. Is it about the destiny of the Viking people? 815 more words

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mophiexkathleenlights Makeup Pallet REVIEW.

While browsing wish.com for a makeup pallet i stubbled upon a beauty called Morphiexkathleenlights Makeup pallet. It wasint that expensive, around $13 dollars so i bought it. 78 more words

Glossybox - Easter Egg

This Limited Edition box was a little different than usual and was actually a pink tin shaped as an egg with a little ribbon on top and everything is packed nicely inside. 725 more words


The Estates - Review

Type: Auction / Euro

Time to play: 45-75 minutes (Teaching: 5 minutes)

Best played with: 4 Players (2-5 Players)

Ever wanted to take a really simple rule and then an equally simple situation, but create a game full of cut throat choices? 685 more words