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The Anderson Tapes Review

It’s time to look at the Anderson Tapes conspiracy film. Will this one fare any better than the last one? Not really I’m afraid. It makes quite a lot of mistakes as the film goes on and by the end you wonder if the film even knew what it was doing. 1,081 more words


Death in Dulwich – a review

I must apologise for this belated review – my own detective work conspired against this getting written.


Death in Dulwich (London Murder Mystery #1)

by  463 more words


Sunday Shorts - "More Than Anything," by Eden S. French

I’m still a little sick today, but after the events of the last couple of weeks in the world of romance, I put myself on a self-imposed deadline of today to start being once again vocal about awesome queer reads. 443 more words

Sunday Shorts

Vels Trio at Archspace (March 8, 2018)

Under a railway bridge arch in Haggerston, the London-based jazz group Vels Trio were playing two nearly-sold-out nights on their first ever UK tour.

The first night was completely sold-out and this, their second night at the venue, was nearly as full. 247 more words

Spider-Man 3 PS3 Review


+ Use of the black symbiote suit

+ Spider-sense mode


– Poor missions

– Poor story writing

– Hideous character models

– Poor swinging mechanics… 802 more words


[Review sách] "Có hai con mèo ngồi bên cửa số" - Khúc đồng ca của kỷ niệm

Có hai con mèo ngồi bên cửa sổ
Một con ngồi yên một con đổi chỗ...”

Câu chuyện được mở đầu bằng 2 câu thơ như thế… Nhẹ nhàng, lắng đọng đầy nghĩ suy… Hẳn các bạn sẽ còn nhớ đến bài thơ   2,022 more words

Văn Học Việt Nam

Choices app

Ratings – 4 stars ****

If you are a fan of pick your own ending/story books or RPG type games, this should be right up your alley. 422 more words