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The Cage: Out of This World

By: Mónica González (Muse Momo)

Editor: Lucía B. Santos (Muse Lulu)

The Cage is a fascinating story about a group of teenage humans that are taken from Earth and into captivity in an artificial… 356 more words


From the Archives: Electronically Organized Christmas

As a Christmas Fanatic, I strive to keep the Holiday Season fun and festive and stress free in my house. One way I do that is with the Santa Bag App from the Apple App Store. 157 more words


スマホに大容量HDDを追加した感覚を味わえる「OneDrive」 [ #cbajp ]




Grey is the dullest colour.

Grey by E.L. James

Ugh. I feel dirty. And not in the “oh baby, I’m a dirty girl” way that I’m sure E.L. James wants me to feel, but in an unclean, “ 1,403 more words


Slow West Review

Release: 26th June 2015

Cert: 15

The old school western is dead. That John Ford / John Wayne grandiose legend of the West is a thing of the past. 318 more words


Hindi Movie Review : Kya Kehna!

A young girl fresh out of school falls in love with a spoilt brat, gets pregnant and delivers a baby, against societal pressures, with the help of a doting family. 154 more words

Anupam Kher

Movie Reviews: Terminator Genisys & Inside Out

Terminator Genisys
I had very low hopes for this new Terminator movie. The trailers didn’t look very good and the reviews were mostly negative. I love the first 2 Terminator films … T2 is a masterpiece … and I actually really liked the 4th film Salvation unlike most people. 221 more words