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Lush Limelight Toothy Tabs Review


Here’s another Lush review – today it will be fore Lush’s ‘Limelight Toothy Tabs’!

Limelight Toothy Tabs:



These toothy tabs do not contain any fluoride, which some people won’t be keen on! 732 more words

American Spies

I considered writing a review of the first episode new season of Game of Thrones for this week’s post. Or course I watched it and am eagerly awaiting the rest of the episodes. 834 more words

Popular Culture

Doping in Sport at SCI

SCI is a forum connecting science and business people to advance the commercial application of science for public benefit. The institute is based in the heart of Belgravia, nestled among the many embassies in Belgrave Square. 399 more words

Review: Green Room

You expect a horror film to make people jump in the cinema, but in the UK it’s not often you hear someone shout out. That was the case for me, until I saw  901 more words


The Flash - Season 2 - Episode 18 - Recap and Review

Last time out, the Flash time travelled to his own past and messed a whole bunch of stuff up. It would seem that the show is just trying to ignore the ramifications of Barry’s time meddling as no reference is made in this week’s episode to the fact that Hartley Rathaway is now a reformed villain or that the Time Wraith could still be lurking at any moment. 1,726 more words


Review - Panic! At The Disco's 'Death of A Bachelor'

It’s a cold, gloomy, dark January morning. Then Death of a Bachelor starts playing and the skies turn blue, the sun comes up and everyone’s having a good time. 802 more words


Arrow: (S04E19) 'Canary Cry'

This was a dedication to the Black Canary and Sarah Lance with a lot of emotional moments and flashbacks from the time Oliver left after Tommy’s death going to the island again. 101 more words

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