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It's a Matter of Opinion 

Hey guys! It’s me, Ash.

Since I’ve posted three reviews so far and I just wanted to tell you something.

It doesn’t matter what I think. 165 more words


My NetGalley TBR Shelf // #BEDM

NetGalley is a website for publishers and reviewers. Publishers can share ARCs of books that are going to be released within the next few months, and reviewers can request these ARCs from the publishers to review. 701 more words


Spotlight Author Blog Tour: Meet Kim Cox!

I’m excited to be a part of RRBC’s Spotlight Author Blog Tour! This week’s featured author is Kim Cox, who writes in several genres, one or more of which is likely to be on your list of favorites. 856 more words

The 1 star debate

The  only reason I rate a book 1 star is if I cannot bear to finish it.

I might cringe right from the start of a book, but I still give it a chance to wow me until the 20% mark or so, sometimes less if I cringe really, really badly. 337 more words


Einstein by the author of best selling books Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs this is another piece of work by Isaacson .
This is a biography which clearly speaks about the journey of einstein’s life like how he overcame the struggling life and nurtured completely the anatomy of geniousness and making discoveries in the field of science. 89 more words

Angel Falls Round-up

I’ve been insanely busy lately with both my directories work and my new (super exciting) gig reviewing for The Stage. But I haven’t entirely neglected Dark Dates, and have some fun promo stuff lined up over the next few months, and have connected with some great bloggers over the last few weeks. 133 more words

Product Peel: The Best New Social Media Site for Finding and Making Reviews

Reviews are key for helping your book gain success. But sometimes finding those people to help you get reviews and make connections is hard. I’ve found a new, unique, social media site that can help you get your reviews noticed by connecting with other reviews to get your own reviews. 866 more words

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