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Why I stopped reading reviews.

Book reviews, movie reviews, TV show show reviews. Even the comments underneath a video were things I began to avoid four months ago. Since then I have read books I never would have picked up without the nudge of approval from an arbitrary third party. 203 more words


Coming Out from Behind the Curtain

I am so excited. Seriously! People like my story, the one B. Lynn Goodwin wrote down. Here are a few comments that make my heart sing. 348 more words

The other side of the coin...

Lately, I’ve been reading – and hearing – about authors who complain about readers who ask for free books. And sometimes it gets out of hand. 377 more words


NetGalley - An Inspiring Afternoon

I’m pleased to announce that my latest book, An Inspiring Afternoon, is available for power readers/reviewers/bloggers to download free from NetGalley until February 16th. Here’s the link to the book: … 110 more words

My Books

Changing it Up

This week at my site was a little different than the past two weeks. This week felt a lot more relaxed and laid back. I had finished reading my articles and doing research and it was nice to finally have completed my first assignment. 360 more words


Reviews: Still on about that!

Thoughts along the

Philosopher’s Journey

(shared from Facebook)

I’ve shared a few posts about how important reviews are to the success of authors. The bottom line, of course, is that no one will read a book that no one (or too few) have read. 231 more words

So much to do...

I can’t remember the last time I was this busy! It’s fun in a way, but overwhelming in another. I’ve had to make up a notebook to store all the things I have to do. 417 more words