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'(What's the Story) Morning Glory?' (1995) by Oasis

In (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? all the dreams of glory and fame expressed in the powerful songs of the Gallagher brothers in their first album get consummated. 418 more words


Some brief advice to performers

You can never be certain of the sincerity of a compliment.

There can be all sorts of reasons why people pay you compliments.

But you can always be certain of the sincerity of an insult. 68 more words


What a bad review means to a Writer.

Anton Ego, a food critic/reviewer in the movie Ratatouille says,

In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and selves to our judgment.

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The end of the Edinburgh Fringe: death, reviewers, pigs, ham-fistedness & drink

Yesterday’s blog was supposed to be about my journey back from the Edinburgh Fringe to London on Sunday but I got side-tracked by the unexpected news of the death of TV producer Danny Greenstone. 953 more words


Indie Reviewer's Coop

I have the first draft of the book review webpage on my website at http://johnsleeperbooks.com/Reviews.html and I would appreciate anyone interested to write me using the e-mail address on the webpage to let me know what you think and if you would be interested. 18 more words


Katy Huth Jones' "Mercy's Prince": A Truly Believable Fantasy World Saturated with Suspense

This story was nothing short of a joy to read. It’s always refreshing to get totally immersed in a story without being jarred back to reality by misspellings, grammar goofs and other writing faux pas. 527 more words

Book Reviews

Can bad reviews be useful?

Everyone who publishes has had bad experiences with peer review. Reviewers that miss the point of what you are trying to say, or just hate your paper. 439 more words