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Calling All Reviewers!

So for the last two months I’ve been diligently scouring different websites and blogs for reviewers. You guys are in high demand, I get that! But holy unicorn, Batman! 205 more words

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The ‘Celebratory Captain’ - November in review

I may still be an author working a convenience store job to get by, but there’s plenty to celebrate about November. And at least I had the pocket money to buy the bottle in that picture. 902 more words


Somewhere for Book Reviewers

Somewhere for Book Reviewers 

Tell us how many total book reviews you’ve written, how many in 2015, your tips, your grievances, and your reasons for reviewing. 26 more words

Reviewer Spotlight

Reviewer Spotlight

This is the place to boast about your reviewing skills. State how many reviews you have given in total, how many in 2015, and the reason you do it.

Roy Huff: Mastermind behind the Everville Epic Fantasy Series

Roy Huff is a prolific writer who has just released the fourth volume in his Everville fantasy series entitled “The Fall of Brackenbone”.  As I write it’s already number one in various categories in six countries & ranked number 60 in all books in the US and Canada. 815 more words


Book Bloggers and Reviewers wanted

Whether you’re interest lies in Thrillers or Romance, AuthorAmp specialises in a selection of different genres which you as a reviewer or a book blogger may be interested in. 86 more words

Book Review

Thanks to All

Being off-line for five weeks I fully expected that I would drop out of sight. I’ve been amazed and grateful that the opposite has been the case. 494 more words