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I’m sitting in front of my computer staring at more than fifty different ways to market my  new audio book Act Two For Three.   My head hurts, my eyes are glazing over, my breathing is shallow and even my ears are ringing from this overload of information and that’s only from one site.   419 more words

Do you visualize characters?

I’ve noticed that many reviews for books included pictures of what the reader imagined the characters to look like. Because after all, besides general details such as hair and eye colour, indication of build, and other obvious characteristics (freckles, beer belly etc…), it is difficult to describe someone to reach a consensus. 362 more words

UNP on NetGalley

The University of Nebraska Press is proud to be on NetGalley’s publisher list! Please join our digital reader community here. The following information is from NetGalley. 175 more words

In The News

Review of Elle Klass' "Baby Girl 6: Return to the Bay"

Cleo’s saga continues in another suspense-filled episode. If you’re a Cleo fan like I am, you won’t be disappointed in this latest segment of her ongoing story. 107 more words


​The book takes its peak point catching up with full mystery and adventures which vividly speaks about thd mythological world of Orkney and thats when everything fall into place. 348 more words

5* Review of Kristina Stanley's "The Author's Guide to Selling Books to Non-Bookstores"

If you’re an author who wants to get more print copy book sales but don’t know where to start, Kristina Stanley’s guide is the book for you. 450 more words

Review ' Songs Of Our Breakup'

The beautiful author Jay E.Tria has written this beautiful book and as the name suggests it clearly defines and carries a story about a girl named Jill who is much awaited to overcome the emotions after her 7year relationship broke into pieces. 313 more words