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The Very Real Abuse of an Abused Fictional Character

When my content editor had finished her passes through my last novel, Tempering the Rose, she said, “You’re quite brave choosing a central protagonist who’s experienced such terrible abuse.” I didn’t know why she would say that. 1,123 more words

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Xaymaca Part 1 - Excerpt 

​Here’s an excerpt of my book “Xaymaca…a dream is born”:

As she returned to fill her water pan, she noticed a heavily pregnant woman being dragged to a post in the middle of the yard. 309 more words

Aside ~ Review?

Just popping a book into my cart at Audible. I usually skim through the reviews – some are useful, some aren’t then there are reviews from individuals who just like to see themselves on a website. 119 more words


Internet Reviewers: Everybody's a Critic

Thanks to the internet, everyone has a platform to utilize and express their opinions.

And depending on how eloquent or hilarious the opinion is, the person responsible may get some actual factual fame on the matter. 368 more words

Amazon Community Guidelines: Update 3

As promised, we followed up with the community team once again to get specific answers to questions that had been floating around various social networks. We asked precise questions so that we could obtain the finer details of what exactly the changes meant. 344 more words

Amazon is banning most reviews that were written in exchange for a free product

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Everyone reads Amazon reviews before they buy something. But some of those reviews have been, in effect, paid for — the vendor of those items may have sent the reviewer a free unit. 577 more words