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Find your Nerve

It’s about time I got back to talking about movies. I’ve seen quite a few this summer, and most of them have been good. I quit writing about them at some point because the pretty constant confusion I was experiencing due to the Pirate kept me from being able to really focus enough to talk about them. 1,380 more words


Book Review: Zac and Mia

This book will not follow my usual review format because this one is a special case.

Have you ever wanted to read a book so badly… and be devastatingly disappointed? 758 more words


The Witch - DIY Review

For many, 17th Century New England is a period that is ubiquitous with religious fervour and superstition. A time in which even the most respected member of society could find themselves accused of witchcraft due to perceived unusual behaviour or by questioning authority. 459 more words


Blaak Heat - Shifting Mirrors - Svart Records

The Arabic metal from France.

This is a unique band, progressive rock metal and Arabic sounds mixed as one.

In fact, this band is great because of the cohesive factor, it doesn’t not seem a salad, it’s rather good music. 201 more words


Champagne & Raspberries White Tea {@NelsonsTea Review}

Not long ago I was contacted by Nelson’s Tea to see if I would select a few teas for review both on my blog and on Amazon. 591 more words

Drink Militia

we say goodbye to The Super Awesome Comic Review Show

It was announced two weeks ago and has become a sad reality last week: The Super Awesome Comic Review Show from AstroZombies[1] usually hosted by Foxi has come to an end. 34 more words


Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

Title: Invasion of the Tearling

Author: Erika Johansen

Genre: Fantasy

Edition: E-book

After a brutal couple of weeks waiting for my hold at the library to be up, I finally got my hands on the second installment of Erika Johansen’s dazzling trilogy, The Queen of the Tearling. 721 more words

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