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Stranger Reads - Comics Log 2016.9.27, More Wonderful Things

New comics again! This week from the last week, with four of continued issues I have enjoyed, and two new series. Below are my fresh thought on these current reads, which you may or may not agree… 873 more words


Review: The Radium Girls, by Kate Moore

Published by: Sourcebooks

Publication date: 1st May 2017

I.S.B.N.: 9781492649359

Format: Hardback

Price: £20.89


The incredible true story of the young women exposed to the “wonder” substance of radium and their brave struggle for justice…

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Review: Strange History, by Bathroom Reader's Institute

Published by: Portable Press

Publication Date: 14th June 2016

Format: Paperback

Price: $15.99

I.S.B.N.: 9781626865839


From the 20th century to the Old West, from the Age of Enlightenment to the Dark Ages, from ancient cultures all the way back to the dawn of time,Strange History is overflowing with mysterious artifacts, macabre legends, kooky inventions, reality-challenged rulers, boneheaded blunders, and mind-blowing facts.

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Review: The Dark Side of East London, by David Charnick

Published by: Pen & Sword

Publication Date: 30th September 2016

Format: Hardcover

Price: £19.99

I.S.B.N.: 9781473856448


Just hearing the phrase ‘the East End’ summons up images of slums and dark alleyways, with Jack the Ripper appearing from the mist, or housing estates and pubs where you might find the Kray twins.

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Stranger Reads - Comics Log 2016.9.20 - less than usual..

This week for the last week in new comics, felt brief and limited for me. I picked one issue, from a personal favorite début. Then, took my chances with two new series. 712 more words


Review: Origins, by Frank H. T. Rhodes

Published by: Cornell University Press

Publication Date: 6th Septhember 2016

Format: Hardback

Price: £22 (approx.)

I.S.B.N.: 9781501702440 522 more words


A Stranger Look at STRANGER THINGS, Season 1

Recently, the movie streaming company Netflix has expanding their horizons by taking the film industry into their own hands by producing original content. These series and movies as a whole have taken off in popularity, creating some of the most loved and watched shows today. 855 more words