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Movie Review: TRAINWRECK

By T. Mack

Trainwreck follows all the rom-com rules and executes them flawlessly. Written by Amy Schumer and directed by Judd Apatow, this is a great film for those who can handle a bit of “hard R” with their romantic mush. 626 more words


Movie Review: ANT-MAN

By T. Mack

I’ve always known I that I have issues with roaches. I got married partly because my dad was no longer there to take care of those giant, flying monstrosities that plague Alabama during the summer. 692 more words

T. Mack

Movie Review: MAGIC MIKE XXL

By: Dani

I know what you’re thinking. Magic Mike XXL doesn’t really fall into the typical realm of SisterGeeks, but I beg to differ. Magic Mike XXL… 565 more words


'Porch Stories' makes viewers subtly aware of the power of perspective

Have you ever people-watched out of boredom or pure curiosity? I have. How about watching people’s patterns and how they interact from day to day? Perhaps not so much, but you’ve likely seen some familiar faces and noticed some patterns as you go about your day. 722 more words

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NXNE '15: 'Amy' will make you miss Amy Winehouse very much

Amy Winehouse is dead, and we killed her. Okay, maybe we didn’t. But Amy, Asif Kapadia’s documentary on the rise and fall of Amy Winehouse, certainly is haunting. 168 more words


ICFF '15: 'The Colossal Failure of the Modern Relationship' relies on sexism

If you’ve ever wondered what Alexander Payne’s Sideways would be like if it took place in Niagara’s wine country, The Colossal Failure of the Modern Relationship… 676 more words


ICFF '15: 'The Dinner' is the sort of tense drama we appreciate

Once in a while a movie will come along that will take your expectations for it and throw them out the window and you’ll be mighty glad for it. 431 more words