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The Movie "Uncanny"Explores Robot and Human Emotions

by: Ana

First of all, I would like to say I was pleasantly surprised by this movie.  A viewer always has to be a little skeptical when they see a three star rating on a movie they’ve never heard of, but sometimes it really pays off to press the play button and see what happens. 477 more words


Movie Review: Men in Suits

Men in Suits
Directed by Frank H. Woodward
Starring Doug Jones, Brian Steele, Tom Woodruff Jr., Douglas Tait, Haruo Nakajima, Bob Burns, Misty Rosas, Camden Toy, Bobby Clark, Van Snowden, Alec Gillis, Michelan Sisti, Arturo Gil… 992 more words

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"Pandemic": A Movie for Video Game Zombie-Apocalypse Viewers



My heart was racing quickly as the Doctor explained how important it was to get survivors of the disease back to the base and how instrumental it would be in finding a cure.  692 more words


Movie Review: Blood and Black Lace

Blood and Black Lace
Directed by Mario Bava
Starring Cameron Mitchell, Eva Bartok, Thomas Reiner, Ariana Gorini, Dante DiPaolo, Mary Arden, Franco Ressel, Claude Dantes, Luciano Pigozzi, Lea Landers, Massimo Righi, Francesca Ungaro 506 more words

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Review: Captain America: Civil War

Avengers disassemble

This review contains minor spoilers.

Capitalising on eight years of shared universe filmmaking, Captain America: Civil War successfully crafts a politically driven action blockbuster which tugs at the heartstrings while satisfying your need for a crazy, over the top superhero battles — but your enjoyment may hinge wholly on your investment in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. 832 more words


Movie Review: Deathmaster

Directed by Ray Danton
Starring Robert Quarry, John Fiedler, Bob Pickett, William Jordan, Betty Anne Rees, Brenda Dickson-Weinberg LaSesne Hilton, John Lasell, Freda T. Vanterpool, Tari Tabakin 829 more words

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Movie Review: The Fly (1958)

The Fly
Directed by Kurt Neuman
Starring Al Hedison, Patricia Owens, Vincent Price, Herbert Marshall, Charles Herbert

In the world of fantastic cinema, the mad scientist theme is one of the oldest sub-genres. 1,157 more words

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