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Interstellar (Nolan, 2014)

Interstellar holds a number of amazing moments, but instead of using these moments as an entry point to create depth, Nolan diminishes these moments by gleaning over them, moving to the next point, and thus delimiting what could have been. 349 more words

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Millennium Mambo (Hsiao-Hsien, 2001)

An eerily evocative atmosphere is drawn via the contrast b/ween hyperactivity and introspection, energy & its absence. As with most HHH, the film gains power in retro-activity. 31 more words

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Goodbye, South, Goodbye (Hsaio-Hsien, 1996)

Captures Hou’s transition from nostalgia for childhood to nostalgia for youth. And those roads!! And those songs!!

His films capture with such grace a time in a person’s life. 143 more words


The Lovers on the Bridge (Les amants du Pont Neuf, Carax, 1991)

An exciting depiction of an unusual love forged during the most deranged of times. A man desperately yearns for the love of another, while a woman desperately yearns for someone whom she may depend upon. 141 more words


The King's Speech (Hooper, 2010)

Due to its distortive tendencies, the use of very wide angle lenses make further visible the disconnection of the king and his people. By stretching the image, Hooper foregrounds a talented Colin Firth, but does so at the cost of verisimilitude. 102 more words

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Elysium (Blomkamp, 2013)

Despite its constant contradictions, both normative and ideological, and despite its generic plot, which forwards the personal while tenuously grasping the universal, Elysium remains an entertaining exercise in modern blockbuster filmmaking. 113 more words

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Million Dollar Baby (Eastwood, 2004)

For all its emotional gestures, I felt nothing while watching this. Through its contrived plot, poor rhythm, and false sentiments, Million Dollar Baby (2004) tries to hit all of the right notes, following some kind of feel-good-yet-still-sappy Hollywood formula. 98 more words